Reflecting on GOSH and institutional policies

Ni! This Tuesday I’ll be presenting at the Innovation Forum 2021 of the Research Network on Innovation on the push for institutional policies for OScH, with a focus on GOSH and the policy brief writing and eventual advocacy process. I’ll later be giving a related talk to the French Network of Fablabs, on June 15th.

I’m going to use this thread to take public notes and ask questions, which I’ll be working on the answers, but also hoping some of you might help me with! Just take care to click on the right “reply” button if you’d like to contribute.




How did institutional policy emerge as a priority in the GOSH roadmap?

  • Did this priority have a wide constituency from the start?
  • Who were the people who brought this to the table and what were their motivations?
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How important was grant funding towards acting on the institutional policy priority?


What are and where are the documents that could serve as sources to understand the history of this issue in GOSH and even OSH more generally?

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Here’s what I’ve found so far:





GOSH Sloan Grant Full Proposal


The post on the first policy writing sprint (one could also include the policy brief documents themselves):

And of course the manifesto and the roadmap themselves:

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My reading of the material I’ve found so far suggests that it didn’t have a wide appeal from the start, though the issue seemed clear for a small group of people who made it get through to the roadmap. These people are people who have a longer history of institutional battles, be it within universities or through foundations.

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My current understanding is that concrete steps - that is, other than identification of the issue and its prioritization - in this direction from GOSH as a community were only taken in connection with grant support. I’d really like some help here as there may be stuff that are not visible through the docs I’ve found!

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Ni! Here are the slides from my presentation at the Innovation Forum 2021 .~´


Ni! And here are the slides, in English, of my presentation to the French Fablab Network:

They’re similar but in a way more interesting than the Innovation Forum presentation. .~´