Recording and notes from Community Meeting #1 - 2021 GOSH Community Council Election

Hey everyone!

We had our first community meeting today for the 2021 GOSH Community Council Election, and it was great to see some of our amazing candidates in action! For those in the community unable to make the meeting, I am sharing the notes and a recording below so that you may catch up on what the candidates have said :slight_smile:

Recording of the meeting: GOSH 2021 Election Community Meeting #1 - May 18th - YouTube

Notes from the meeting:

Registration is still open, so be sure to register to vote - or encourage others to register as well! You can register to vote here: GOSH 2021 Community Council Election Registration Registration closes on May 20th at 23:59 UTC

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Hi again everyone!

I have just added timestamps to GOSH 2021 Election Community Meeting #1 - May 18th - YouTube so that you all are able to see when each candidate is giving their statement. You can find the timestamps in the youtube video, in the video’s description, and below:

00:00 Intro by Bri Johns
00:28 Harry Akligoh Candidate Statement
02:20 Gameli Adzaho Candidate Statement
05:05 Liz Barry Candidate Statement
07:30 Pen-Yuan Hsing Candidate Statement
10:02 Shams Jaber Candidate Statement
12:51 Valerian Sanga Candidate Statement
15:15 Community Q&A Intro by Bri Johns
16:20 Community Q&A
43:07 Q&A closing by Bri Johns
44:15 Voting Information by Bri Johns

I have also done the same for the second community meeting.



Been going through these! such great organization! thanks so much!