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Presentation on changes to CERN OHL by A. Katz

Hi all,

Andrew Katz gave a keynote on open hardware licensing and the changes coming with the new version of CERN OHL at OpenSym2019 in Sweden.

New concept of “available components”, no obligation of reporting back and more changes: Presentation

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Thanks. That is a really good presentation (I assume it is even better with someone presenting it). Seems they have their head screwed on over there.

It is a pity they kept the CERN-OHL-P/CERN-OHL-S/CERN-OHL-L I still think they look to similar as I argued before. I am sure people will start assuming -S hardware is licensed permissive because someone once told them what -P meant. Time will tell.

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That is indeed a good presentation. The lessons learned are interesting and useful :). I’m hoping that the creative commons licenses have warmed most people up to the idea that a license can have different versions (e.g. CC-BY-SA 3.0 vs CC-BY-NC 3.0) denoted by a small number of letters at the end - though I recall that Creative Commons put a lot of effort into nicely explaining what the letters meant, so a similar effort might be needed here (they have nice embeddable badges and so on).

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It looks like a different presentation, but @andrewk also gave a talk about the changes to the OHL at FOSDEM in February and the recording is available.

I am used to it but I don’t know what’s different about the different versions and I suspect most people don’t. I just try to use the newest. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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