pre-GOSH activities in Shenzhen

There is an opportunity to use the X-Factory as a working space leading up to GOSH 2018 to make progress on scaling your project. Violet (Seeed Studio, X-Factory) is available to provide some on-the-ground support, identify helpful partners, and possibly waive the monthly fee to use the space. You can find their tools linked in their website.

We don’t have funding as part of GOSH 2018 to cover expenses, but we felt it was worth sharing this opportunity with the community, in case it was a good fit for the stage of your project.

If you do it, we would love for you to share your experiences to the conference!

Just follow up here with ideas.


Just dropping by to ask if there were any developments on this front?

No, no one responded with a specific project or action the wanted to take pre-GOSH in terms of using X-Factory specifically. @dusjagr is interested in meeting with folks pre and post I think in general, but this specific idea didn’t get traction.

We should advertise again to those attending GOSH, I guess it was posted very ahead of time :slight_smile:

Yes! Specially because now I have an idea and a plan for it :stuck_out_tongue:

can you be more specific…

The idea is actually not just mine, but something that has been discussed/developed with @ffederici, @nanocastro, @paz, @biomakers_lab, @jarancio and a network I’ve been collaborating with in Brazil (Rede de Pesquisadores which is also a network of networks, but they are putting together people in Brazil who are doing science outreach, open research, and researchers who are willing to spread the word about their work in non-academic fashion).

  • We would send out a survey asking people what/which equipment they have most trouble getting/accessing/maintaining (I believe leveraging from this Network and the networks in it could give this quite a reach).
  • Once results are in, we can see how this “demand distribution” is spread out and elect one of the equipments and build it in a collaborative way (Or more then one depending on the number of hands on deck).
    • As learned from the GOSH roadmap, the equipment would have to be customized for different audiences/realities -> another good reason to have Gosher’s together when the first building steps take place.
  • During the build process we would document how certain units/modules are out together so they would serve as a tutorial (how do you connect an motor driver? How to connect an LED? What is this IC doing on the circuit and so on), so that there are these building block videos/explanations available that could be used as reference for other equipment and also as repair guidelines.

-I think it would be nice to do this as a pre/post Gosh event a the X-Factory since the build process could already be oriented for scalability and manufacturing…

-if this is an idea that more people see as valuable, I might be able to contribute with some funding… (and might because we are expecting to hear the response from a grant we applied for in the next days)


It’d be great if you do this in China, guys. I won’t be attending Gosh this year (I thought better leave chances to others outside the community to join and get enchanted… ;)). +1 for the building block videos. And maybe also take the chance and use the language skills of the participants to put the documentation in different languages, right at the spot… cheers

Hi all
I think a pre/post GOSH meeting as @amchagas propose would be very fruitfull. I prefer pre because we can present our advances and get some feedback afterwords during the gathering.
Particularly, I’m interested in some of the work that is already going on in the community around soil research (soil health / fertility / quality). These topics are emerging strong in our Latam context also and, I believe, they can show up in an upcoming survey.
I like the idea of approaching development/documentation/translation in a modular fashion. I think is also a good way to integrate/remix/reuse what is already beign done.
About X-Factory, looks like a good place to work and interact with the local community…

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Soil work would be great, does seem like there’s some critical mass. I could help on that - we’re building a limited soil testing lab which is producing a bunch of open data for a client, the bionutrient food association. One of the main goals is to create a consistent, comparable sample throughput which can be utilized by others to create value. We are testing both the soil, and the food sample grown in it (so … send us the carrot and the dirt it was grown in), and we’re collecting data about the land (farm type, management practices, etc.) So, if someone wanted to correlate a method or new instrument to some food quality outcome or farm practice, they could jump into our sample flow and do it! Also, if you have a compelling test that we could add to our existing soil testing method, we could add it in and provide a bunch of new data.

Basically, we’re pretty open to ideas, but the goal of this is to initiate collaborations to take advantage of the data flow, so just throwing it out there. I don’t think I could come very early, but maybe a day or two.



In the EMM project (modular weather stations) here in CTA we developed a Community Guide (unfortunately only in Portuguese, I know), to help people and communities to engage in the project, understand the technology, mount and install it.

The Guide consist of a sequence of activities released as Open Educational Resources. I have kind of a dream to run this activities with other GOSH members, and I think the second phase of the Guide, which consists of the fabrication of the control board, could be held in XFactory. That would be run in a “Collaborative Fabrication Gathering” format, which tunes in this residence vibe.

Now the sad part of the story, I am still managing things over here to stay the regular days of GOSH, and then I can start thinking about the extra ones, that rely on some “financial engineering”. Naturally, it would also depend on the interest of other GOSH members.

I am also interested in the fabrication of some boards with Seeed Studio, but I didn’t understand if GOSH organization is facilitating this dialogue somehow. Is it?

Anyway, if possible, I am IN extra days activities in X-Factory.



Dear @leosehn, maybe I can help on a translation team

best from Recife,

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Nice @ruiz! That’s very good to know.

I think we can continue this issue in private chat, and also talk about strengthening our connections of free and open source technologies in Brazil. We have TECNOx 4.0 here next year!


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Hey @leosehn! I’d be really interested in learning the fabrication process of PCBs. Also, is it going to take place in Seeed studio? Kindly let me know. Thanks!

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I would love to be part of this. I think a pre-GOSH will be better.

@leosehn I’ve never made my own PCB, but I’m interested in learning about the process and software. I think the only issue will be whether you can figure out the date for this since we need to book airfare soon.


Agree, @Zengirl2!

I am planning to arrive on October 6 or 7 to participate in any movement pre-GOSH that happens and to adapt my body to such a distant place, and I thought October 7 and 8 would be good to the gatherings.

But I think we can star to work to make this real and concrete. I’ll check out Greg’s answer and if anyone has a direct contact in X-Factory/Seed Studio or any other place in Shenzhen to run the activities would be welcome and very helpful.

Thank you!

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Sorry. I meant October 8 and 9 are good dates for the gatherings.
All the travel dates are getting me a bit confused.


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Hi @leosehn, I’m also inteested in making our own PCB’s. Specially because my experience was using chemicals that are toxic and I would like to learn it in another way. Let’s see if possible on the 8 & 9th oct!


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