Outcomes four months on from GOSH 2018 - life-changing moments, new collaborations, we want them all!

Hi All

We soon have to report to the funders of GOSH 2018 and it’d be great to hear what you’ve been up to since GOSH 2018, what has changed for you since the event, new projects & collaborations etc.

If you’ve seen GOSH mentioned in a talk, blog, report or paper also let us know!

The community report of the event itself is in the final stages now and this will be a most excellent addendum.

We had some great responses last year, so looking forward to hearing more!


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Hey Jenny,
due to GOSH18 I did this:


  • Started organizing the 2019 GOAT (Gathering for Open Ag Tech) conference, based largely on the GOSH model. Ran a GOAT hackathon in Dec and other organizers are doing one this April in Maryland.
  • Organizing with @ryanfobel and @shannond and Ananda Great Lakes GOSH, hopefully sometime in July
  • Also actively working with Ryan on integrating Our Sci data collection platform with DropBot, hopefully to test this summer.
  • Working with @dornawcox and 12 organizations to begin work on the Open TEAM proposal for integration of open source technologies in agriculture. This is a pretty sizable sum and contribution to a wide range of open source project, focused on interoperability and usability.
  • Been trying to get software so @vektor and @juanmagararc can use Our Sci for real-time reading of spectral data using their open source spec’s, PS guys we put it on the roadmap and it’ll be done by April 1!!!
  • Beginning to test better ways to collaborate using Gitlab (for OpenTEAM project) and OpenCollaborative… maybe we should be using those… hope to learn more soon.

That’s all I got - would love to hear others!!!

  • Open source hardware workshop in Valdivia (Chile) oriented to environmental/water monitoring. Organized by @ffederici. With @jeff @Prosimio Tamara. Notes
  • Working on DIY microscopes for brewers to participate on a Workshop for yeast management and microscopic quality control for brewers on March (Valdivia). @ffederici
  • Organizing a residence with @gbathree in Real Food Lab, hoping to combine with Great Lakes GOSH event. We’ll be running soils from RFLab to see if we can use models to predict soil quality using soil chromatography

Before GOSH I was about to start on a pilot project to look at the need for metrology (measurement and calibration) tools in the Global South. Due to meeting @annasera and @jorgeappiah at GOSH 2018 I was able to visit Ghana and interact directly with a wide range of local producers. What I learned on this trip is forming the basis of future funding applications and will hopefully develop into a long term collaboration.

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  • Held the first “Open Science Hardware Assembly” at the annual Chaos Communication Congress in Leipzig, the largest “hacker” conference in Europe with over 15,000 attendees. We showed off the OpenFlexure and FlyPi microscopes as well as some other projects from the community.
  • A few of us got together in Switzerland to put together a crowd-funding campaign (launching next Tuesday!) to fund software development for obsolete DNA Sequencers.
  • On Monday I will start a part-time job as a technician with @rbowman’s and @julianstirling’s research group, helping with the OpenFlexure and other projects!

  • Received a lot of feedback and made new contacts to help with the electronics documentation tools I am developing for kitspace.org.