OSH in interview

Dear all,

The open make team has been doing interviews of several OSH makers in academia. Here the open make team and the interviewee are producing blog post derived from the interview transcript. They will be available at interview (shared under a CC-BY license).

The first one describe the white rabbit project at CERN, Javier Serrano and Amanda Diez Frenandez talk about the project, the hardware, the academic outputs and the project participants.

here a teaser:

We decided that we would use standards whenever possible, and when not possible, we would extend the standard. We also decided that we would open source the whole thing and involve commercial companies from day one. These were all very basic decisions in the beginning of the project that ultimately played a key role in the success of White Rabbit."

happy reading!

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Great idea!

Today comes a second interview of the open make project: Blogs

@julianstirling explain his experience with the open flexure microscope project.

wanna read a teaser ? Here you are:

We’re very keen for BTech in Tanzania not to be reliant on us. We need to make sure to provide a good enough dossier of how everything works, so that whoever is going to be the legal manufacturer can write a good technical file and convince regulators that they understand it and can maintain it for the future.