OpenFlexure Microscope Beta release



I know many people at GOSH asked about printing the microscope [ @Rachel @Dorry @hikinghack @ryanfobel ] and I told lots of people that it may be good to wait until there were instructions for the newest version due to all the improvements. I am happy to say that we have a new beta release!

The documentation is updated and is here:
The version of the microscope I had at GOSH has been improved further and is now merged into the master branch on github:

We would love to hear about any GOSHers building microscopes. As this is a beta release there may be some issues. Please do report any issues you have (even ones like “this is confusing” or “this broke coming off the print bed”) as it will help us improve the project. You can report issues on github or just reply here.


Just for completeness, I should link to the release itself:


will be doing language translation for this doc into Chinese and Malay, shall I push the translations to github? and is it ok to insert a credit for the translation service being used?


Hi Saad,
Translations would be great. Inserting a credit for the service is the right thing to do. If you push to GitHub and make a pull request that would be best. Thanks!


I’m planning to build one or more this year as part of a public engagement project with on of my local Universities Microscopy Department, and one for the [as yet homeless] BioMakerSpace TurbiniaBio


Awesome - do let us know how it goes :slight_smile: Build reports are great for all sorts of reasons (especially community building) so I’d love to see what you build and what you do with it.


will do, one I have a time and place :slight_smile: