Open source AUV released

Hi friends,

During the last GOSH I showed off my Baby AUV (an autonomous underwater drone, more like a self-propelled multiparameter probe). I have finally gotten around to putting up the source code and design files here. There is still cleanup and documentation to do, as until now there has been just myself who has had to deal with the files.

Very briefly, this very low cost (BOM:~USD500) micro AUV is intended to do (initially inland) water quality monitoring over several days. At the moment it carries a CTD but I have other payloads in mind. The low cost is largely due to an unorthodox method of manoeuvreing that does away with a lot of hardware.

In part I’m opening the files now because I’m looking for parties interested in taking the project further; in particular someone with an actual problem that they feel the AUV can help. Otherwise it’s just another solution looking for a problem.

The work can be parted out and still be useful, if one is inclined that way.

All code is GPL/LGPL, and other design files are CC BY-SA.



Had a quick look at the project, the mechanics of the actuation seem really cool. I didn’t actually see the AUV at GOSH, it would be really nice to have a few pictures of it or some CAD renderings to aid the description and to bring the readme to life.

I will make sure to share it with anyone I know who might have a use for it.

Hi Julian,

You’re right about the presentation, until now I’ve been the only one to work on it so that has not been a priority but I’m working on that slowly. Maybe I should position the video clip more prominently. I’ve put it up now because it’s at a point where it can’t go much farther without a very specific goal to work towards.

Thanks for spreading the word,