Open Hardware Summit call for proposals

Dear all,

The 2021 Open Hardware Summit call for proposals is now open. This year’s summit will be held online on Friday, April 9th. I am sure many of the projects by GOSH members, and GOSH itself, would make excellent topics for an oral presentation.



PS. I was elected as a board member in OSHWA this year. In my program, I said I would work to strengthen the links between GOSH and OSHWA. If you have any ideas on this matter, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Wow! I recognized at least 4 GOSHers on the speaker list @alisonjparker @julianstirling @amchagas @jarancio , so I’d say that was a success! Tickets are still available (I just got mine!). Much easier to spontaneously attend a conference in the age of COVID :wink: