NOW OPEN: Voter Registration for 2024 GOSH Community Council Election!

Dear GOSH Community,

Voter registration is now open for the GOSH 2024 Community Council Election and will remain open until July 22nd. You can register using the following link:

All GOSH community members are eligible to vote in the 2024 election. Your vote is crucial to shaping the future of the GOSH community, so we encourage you to register and help us spread the word to other members of the GOSH network!

You can find more information on the 2024 GOSH Community Council Election by visiting the election landing page . You can also check out the Election category on the GOSH Forum or the 2024 Governance Plan for Seating the 4th GOSH Community Council .

In the coming days, the independent observer will be announced, and candidate nominations will open, so keep checking the forum for more election updates!

Thank you,


Just registered!

@everyone: Please register, too! :point_up_2:

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Hi all,

I have registered too.

Kindly register if you haven’t done so.

Have a lovely weekend :hugs:


I have also registered.
@ratiranjan and @uddhavi2009 , please register.