Notes and actions from GOSH Website Session on Sat 17 Oct - your help needed!

Hi All

Below are the notes from yesterday’s session on improving the GOSH website, forum and other web-based resources (see background post here).

All the proposed actions arising are now in gitlab:

  • Contribute your thoughts! please feel free to comment on this thread with additional suggestions or over on gitlab to address existing tasks.
  • Join the next meeting: this will be in 3 weeks where we will review progress and finalise the web developer briefing.

Comments in the next two weeks will feed into the brief for a web developer to start improving the website. You will note that we have quite a few tasks to generate on-boarding content and information about the community. If you could contribute please shout! Especially new people who would be willing to review the content and see if it would be helpful to them :smiley:


Notes from GOSH Website Session on Sat 17 Oct

Attending: @jcm80 @kaspar @ChucklesOS

Relevant previous threads

Website Improvements -

Consider options for website CMS/framework

  • Keep WordPress and update
  • Keep WordPress (headless WordPress) and build a separate front end
  • Build an entirely custom site
  • Ghost
  • Static site, edit on Github or Gitlab
  • Static site with TinaCMS or NetlifyCMS
  • Static Site Frameworks: Grav, Hugo

Action: summarise options with pros and cons on gitlab

Short-term for community

Longer term for community

  • Consider adding a newsletter
  • Consider what areas of interest to highlight on the homepage that can link to forum categories and eventually compilations of GOSH community resources on those topics.
  • On-boarding material
    • Generate contentfor a get started section - lots of new information! People to contact, on-boarding, joining a local group, how to introduce yourself
    • Think about people who have a general interest and how to get them on-board
    • Welcome on-board text
    • Possibly following up with an on-boarding call
  • Produce a slide for people to add their presentations that explain GOSH community - what it is and the values. Should be very easy to use and understand!
  • Make a Twitter/Social Media post and image to share

For web dev project

  • Cleaner website layout (preferably with a top navigation bar)
  • Enable cross-posting blogs to medium/Discourse/Twitter
  • New application: have a listing for curated publications for open science hardware
  • Add a link to the history of GOSH -
  • Search Engine Optimisation


How to make it easier for people to find things they can controbute to?

  • Add tag on gitlab: good for newbies

Forum Improvements

  • Add same top navigation bar to the forum it feels joined up with the website (like here
  • Improve forum layout/theme
  • Clean layout with big icons indicating the labels, and maybe a brief explanation of how the labels works, and a simple video of how to set configurations etc.
  • Detailed header post as per but better (this one appears on every page which is annoying).
  • Better on-boarding for non-English speaking participants
  • Integrate better with the GitLab Roadmap
  • Make the category dropdown search bar show the subcategories
  • Search Engine Optimisation

Forum Categories

We put together a proposal for the forum categories which you can read here:


Hi All

Based on previous suggestions for the front page that received favourable comments on gitlab (thanks @jarancio), I inserted the new GOSH logo and stripped it right back to basics so we can start adding in more content as we go, based on requests from the community:

This took about an hour and we can roll back any changes if needed.
If anyone would be willing to do some further work in thinking through the look and feel of the website such that someone who actually knows what they are doing can make it look much better, please join the next website meeting on 7 Nov :smiley: - the link is in the first post in this thread.



Wow, looks great! I think that’s a massive improvement. I made some small CSS tweaks to it, mainly making some unnecessary grey borders disappear. Hope that’s alright.

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Thanks to you @jcm80 for decoding my handwriting XD

It looks much better and clear! Love it.

I don’t know if the question goes here, but do you want me to create an item under About GOSH with the history of GOSH I wrote? It’s currently in a github repo.

@jarancio that would be great, adding the history was discussed and I just realised I missed it off the gitlab list so yes please :smiley:


That is fantastic. Looks so much cleaner.

How easy is it to shrink the logo on all but the front page? If we have:
Front page:

Other pages:

And then we can try to move that header into the forum?

Also it would be nice for us not to have a broken SSL lock on the website. @kaspar how easy is it to register the site with LetsEncrypt?

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  • Improve forum layout/theme

I love the way the categories are displayed in the open flexure forum:

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I like it too (this is why I did it). It does not work well with subcategories though :frowning:

– GOSH history page

Again idk how to add it to the frontpage menu in WP (though it’s currently child of “about”)


Hey - thanks for the activity here :slight_smile:

GOSH website and logo size

It isn’t very easy with the current theme without installing yet another plugin, I would like to change the theme but first we need to update PHP and then update WordPress - @kaspar is on it! Then it should be easier to do a custom header for the front page. If anyone is good with css and willing to dig about in the current theme, they would be very welcome!

Menu item for GOSH History

Thanks @jarancio! I added it to the About dropdown under Appearance > Menus


@kaspar tried before and it was basically not possible to do. We are rethinking hosting and he was thinking about trying again so should be fixed in nearish term.

Discourse categories display

Both @jarancio and @julianstirling are forum admins so you can feel free to look at different options and see what you like best. I can;t find a reference list with screenshots on the Discourse forum. For the front page you can find the options in Settings > Basic Setup > desktop category page style

For each category, we can display subcategories as rows or boxes with featured topics, I changed the Communities category view as an example and for your feedback
So for example we could just display the top-level categories on front of site if you preferred and then have a subcategory page.

With plugins and some time, you can make things look a lot better, here is a good example

Hey, I thought we had a call today. I waited 30 minutes but am heading off now.

Oh no - this somehow didn’t get added to my calendar properly so I didn’t realise it was coming up (or I would have sent reminders this week!)

Sorry about that - not sure how that happened.

I’ll post an update on what was done with the website since the last meeting. Any luck with software updates?


No big problem, just thought possibly the date was wrong.

Doing any sort of upgrade seems to require updating/fixing the borked Ubuntu installation. I will update everything while migrating to the GOSH DO server instead.

Hi All

Please find a draft of the RFP for web development below, based on outcomes from the earlier web meeting and the forum discussions, as documented on gitlab.

It would be great to get your feedback and comments, please submit by Thu 19 Nov and then we will circulate to developers for quotes. This work is supported by our grant from the Alfred P Sloan Foundation so we’re very grateful to them for enabling it to proceed and improve our online community resources!


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Just curious: Where will the RFP be posted??

RFP is now posted on the forum and website