New microscope to build!

Hello GOSH

As many of you know @hikinghack and I got funding through to build a microscope for looking at bees.

The first stage of development is now complete. While I haven’t looked at bees yet, I did show some images the microscope has made in another thread.

The first prototype of the microscope is now ready for others to replicate. You can find the complete assembly instructions on GitLab.

The instructions are written in a beta release of the next version of GitBuilding. This allows us to provide even better links between each of the custom components and the source files that created it:

Also just like the OpenFlexure Microscope, all stages of the assembly are rendered so the documentation is easier to keep up to date.

Let us know what you think

If you build the microscope please let us know any feedback you have on the microscope or the instructions. You can let is know in this thread, or you can open an issue on GitLab


Aww yeah!