New forum member introduction

Hi all, I’m new here. Wanted to introduce myself. I’m Paula Te. I’ve heard so much about this community from friends and colleagues. Looking forward to meeting more of you here and in person eventually.

I am US-based (Seattle) but have family roots in Indonesia. I’m currently in Yogyakarta, Indonesia visiting Lifepatch this month. They’re currently running a residency with artists on sustainable agriculture, come visit if you’re in the area yuk :slight_smile:

My main work is as a design technologist/researcher at but I’ve had a special interest in digital fabrication techniques and teaching basic engineering skills to designers/basic design skills to engineers.

I’m excited about open digital fabrication, so this thread about open CAD is super cool. I’m concocting a workshop where the goal is to teach speculative design through digital fabrication with waste materials…

Please feel free to get in touch with me if you want to connect or collaborate! (DMing here works)

Also maybe if some other new people want to use this thread to intro themselves feel freee



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Nice to see you here (c:

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You’re welcome, Paula

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Welcome to the forum @pte !

If you like the CAD thread, you might like @julianstirling 's and others work on open source documentation stuff and git building things (i think there’s some threads about that too!) Plus his write ups on his work about the new open flexure field microscope we are working on

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Welcome to GOSH Paula.

Thanks Andy for promoting GitBuilding. We have our own section on the forum. Which reminds me that I need to post that v13 was released in full.

@pte, if you are interested in talking to others that do digital fabrication with waste materials, there are some really cool groups in the AfricaOSH community doing just this. I am sure @Frank_AfricaOSH could put you in contact. @hikinghack, do you still do your laser cut waste plastic stuff?

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Are my new glasses made fun of Smithsonian pipette tips?

(Yes they are!)

Plus @pte was a plastic recycling infrastructure building badass in Sri Lanka last year

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