Near-sighted camera traps

We turned Denise’s camera traps into near-sighted minions!

Denise studies butterfly behavior here in Panama. She came to the GOSH 2022 Global Gathering because she wanted help with a challenge she had studying her butterflies with camera traps.

The PIR sensors picked up the butterfly movement fine (to my surprise!), but she needed to get up close imagery of them, and the camera traps normally have a set focal length for much further away. We were thinking about hacking the lenses, but during the camera trap hacking session at #gosh2022 (there’s no tag for this yet) with @hpy @Albercook , we came up with an even easier fix!
I borrowed @Albercook 's glasses since he was far sighted and connected them to the front of her camera trap, ans voila, the camera could see her close up butterflies in great detail!

This week Denise bought some cheap reading glasses (+3.00), and we velcroed them on!

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The lens worked very well!
Thanks so much Andy and all the Gosh community!

So before I did not have enough focus to id individuals:


And now with the new focus I can id single individuals!