Microscopy made to order: nice Nature Methods tech feature with lots of open hardware

Hi All

This is a nice feature Technology Feature article in Nature Methods with a lot of open microscopy projects! :microscope:

Great to see quotes from @rbowman (OpenFlexure) @beniroquai (UC2), Ricardo Henriques (NanoJ) and many others.
Thanks for championing open hardware for science :clap: :raised_hands:

Eisenstein, M. Microscopy made to order. Nat Methods 18, 1277–1281 (2021). https://doi.org/10.1038/s41592-021-01313-1

I think it has a paywall but this ReadCube link should work:



Just days later open microscopy again in Physics World.

Nice to see a photo from :gosh:GOSH Shenzhen 2018 :gosh: on the physics world homepage:

Whoop whoop!
However, it’s really weird to see people doing these thinks without wearing a mask …

Let’s hope we can do these activities without any safety measures in the near future again. Great stuff you do! :slight_smile:

@beniroquai! Welcome to the GOSH forum. It tells me this is your first post.