May 2023 GOSH newsletter: call for curated papers and projects!

Hi all!

I am organizing the next GOSH newsletter, and am inviting you to share any new open science hardware papers, projects, or initiatives that you would like featured! You can share them on this thread, or send them to me via private message or email.

What is the GOSH Newsletter and how do I subscribe to it?

The GOSH community newsletter is released every month and you can sign up here to receive the newsletter via email.

Each newsletter features the latest global open science hardware news and updates, information on upcoming GOSH events, career and job opportunities, and curated papers and projects selected by community members. Once each newsletter is published, I also share a link to it from the newsletter archives we set up.



Hi Bri! There is a chance that we (the pipetting bot folk) can prepare a small content, commenting on the status and dynamics of the development.

There are some nice things to say / sort-of-successful story so far, so maybe it will be relevant. Should I send you an email? I don’t know if it would fit the scope of the newsletter.



Hi @naikymen,

Please do share! This is exactly the kind of stuff we like to showcase in the newsletter :slightly_smiling_face:. Just send it to me via email or PM and I will include it!



Hello Brianna

maybe it’s the time to introduce BrailleRAP, an open source Braille Embosser.

The project start in 2018 with BrailleRAP-SP. The project died during the COVID experiment :wink:

In 2022 a few members of the BrailleRAP-SP team decided to restart the project and create BrailleRAP

The project is fully based on laser cut material and printed parts, with some vitamins like MKS board, Nema 17, 8mm rod …

The project as been reproduce in some Fablabs in different countries. We use it in France to organize workshop about digital fabrication, giving a focus on the opportunity to use open sources technologies for a more inclusive world. In 2022 summer the BrailleRAP team organized the BrailleRAP Cameroon tour in collaboration with the Climate Change Lab ( Funded by the Climate Change Lab and these Partners (My Human Kit, Orange Fondation …), we made 2 public workshop and 2 Master Classes for the benefit of ANIAAC local non profit organization (Association pour l’Intégration et l’Accommodation des Aveugles au Cameroun)

We recently release a new Braille transcription software for BrailleRAP. This new software, licenced under LGPL V3, is available in french and in english and his compatible with NVDA open source screen reader . We use the open source transcription library liblouis to translate the Braille so the Braille translation is available in 200 combinations of languages and Braille standards (French, English, Spanish, Swahili, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese …). We would apreciate some help to translate the software in differents languages and validate the Braille transcription in differents countries.

Best regards



@briannaljohns: In case it’s not too late, I suggesting adding this article featuring @jarancio in the newsletter.

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