[article] Often Overlooked Sharing of Hardware is a Missing Link in Open Science Puzzle

I just saw and would like to share a recent article featuring @jarancio by SPARC, an organisation promoting open access publications, open data, and open education:

Great to see the amazing work by @jarancio being recognised! :100:


Does anyone knows how to tell SPARC that it is not ok to omit the title when talking about “Dr. Arancio” ? They would not do it for a male researcher.


otherwise, nice resource for raising awareness.

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Oooh great point @Juliencolomb. I quickly skimmed several other articles on SPARC, and of those, one referred to someone as “Dr.” while other articles just gave names without titles, including for professors.

They would not do it for a male researcher.

Indeed this is sadly often true. In the case of SPARC, from skimming their other articles, it seems they are just inconsistent in whether they include the title (regardless of gender), though of course it could be some unconscious bias coming through, too…

In any case, it should be best practice for editorial and style guides to be more considerate!