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I am developing MakerNet (, a solution for sustainable OSH businesses. It’s a git repository for hardware (proper open licences incl. CERN OHL 2.0 soon, hardware file previews…) with a store front and a manufacturer database, and allowing the designers to be paid (we think it’s a key part in making OSH sustainable).

We are in beta and still have a lot to do but we’d like to work with and help anyone to figure out how to make OSH a profitable alternative to the proprietary paradigm. MakerNet is also set up as a business to make it sustainable.

We are happy to have found the GOSH community as it seems that some of your problems are what we are trying to solve :slight_smile:
Feel free to answer if you have any question/suggestion/other.


Hi Loeiz,

Welcome to the GOSH forum! This sounds like an exciting project. A couple of questions spring to mind.

How does (or will) the store work in terms of international sales. We are setting up a small business in the UK to print and sell our microscopes. The tax implications of selling them internationally daunt me. One thing we were interested in is finding a sales platform that that handles international sales so we don’t have to. Is this something makernet plans to look into? I feel it may help other small OScH producers.

How does the Git integration work? Upping and moving repos is annoying, and I think we are trying to settle on one location for all the software and hardware. Will there be an option to work in a similar way to, a website that reads in from GitHub/GitLab rather than being the primary host.

Have you considered the interface in the context of users from a non-programming background? Personally I love the GitLab interface, but we have collaborators who are not not familiar with Git. They find much of the terminology confusing, and often get lost trying to download a single file.