LOOKING FOR PARTNERS: Building/supporting Open Labs in Africa, Asia and Latin America


I’m Heloísa Oss Boll, a biotechnology student at UFRGS, Brazil. I work with open and citizen science/technologies at CTA (Centro de Tecnologia Acadêmica - this year we hosted TECNOx 4.0!).
Me and Prof. Tiago Antônio de Oliveira Mendes are studying the possibility of receiving funding from an international edict for the construction of open laboratories around the world.
We are looking for groups from Asia/Africa who could also be interested in receiving these fundings for the construction/mantaining of an Open Lab - with its main focus on Biology.
If you have interest in joining our group (or know someone who does), please reach me @ oss.boll@ufrgs.br. I can send you additional info.


Hi @helossboll, as discussed before:

I will also share this with the AfricaOSH community