Live stream with Amybo and an OpenFlexure Microscope

I see @MartinC just joined this forum. Welcome Martin!

Tomorrow he is doing a live stream with an OpenFlexure microscope. I believe it is at 8pm UTC on this link:

I’ll let Martin fill people in on the details.


Thank you so much Julian!
Yea, the aim is to produce Open Source Protein. There’s a video explaining why here:

So far, we’ve picked an experimental bioreactor, seen some initial results, built one with the founder, & started a culture. After Julian’s lovely introduction, I managed to borrow an OFM from @rbowman and a member of his team (exactly which member is still TBC) is going to give me a hand exploring the culture with it on Wednesday (15 Nov) at 8pm UTC at the link in Julian’s post above.

If you’re really interested there’s much more information at:

Hi Martin,

What is that makes you stand out compared to similar efforts?

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Hi Adrian

Firstly, if you’d like to introduce us to any similar active open-source-protein-for-human-consumption efforts, we’d be delighted to get to know them and, if they’re willing, join forces.

We’re just pitching in to try to help as many people as possible to join the race to produce open source protein & share their results. So I really hope that our effort complements everyone else’s in the field. That said we have many ideas on how we might be able to help others. So hopefully, in time, we’ll help catalyse the adoption of open source protein for human consumption.