Lead a breakout room at the upcoming GOSH Roadmap coworking session! (December 14)

Dear GOSH Community,

The GOSH Roadmap working group is holding a coworking session on December 14 at 4pm UTC!

This meeting aims to record the Roadmap’s progress, share achievements, and provide a space to work together on actions. The format of the session is as follows:

  • Begin with short updates (less than 5 minutes) from various teams working on roadmap actions.
  • Continue with breakout rooms. Each team that gave an update will lead a breakout room to co-work with community members and dive deeper into their particular actions.

We already have several groups signed up for breakout rooms, which will discuss the following projects and ideas:

  • Open Science Shop
  • Open Science Hardware Project Directory
  • GOSH Ambassador Program
  • Open science hardware policymaking

If you are working on a project related to the roadmap and would like host a breakout room during the meeting, you can sign up for a breakout room slot here.

For anyone else who would like to join the meeting, you can register here!

We hope this meeting can be a valuable and engaging way to share progress and work together toward our Roadmap’s goal of making open science hardware ubiquitous. If you have any questions about the Roadmap or these coworking sessions, please let us know, and we will be happy to help!


p.s. you can see a list of roadmap actions here!

Dear Bri, I think I am already signed in… Could I take the ambassador’s program one? Because I am more familiar with that topic. Or whatever you think that could be more useful!