Join the new GOSH Roadmap Co-working sessions

Dear community!

The roadmap working group met last week, and we became excited around setting up regular coworking sessions. This will be a space where we can come together, engage, and connect around our community’s roadmap.

During the sessions we hope to learn what progress has taken place to get OScH everywhere, and everyone is invited to join!


We propose to meet up and work on:

  • Recording progress on roadmap actions you’ve signed up for, or sign up to new ones!
  • Sharing the awesome work you’re doing to advance OScH around the world, even if it hasn’t made it to the Roadmap yet.
  • Discussing how to update the Roadmap document in the future:


The sessions will take place virtually. To accommodate the diversity of timezones, we will initially find a time that works best for those who sign up, and adapt along the way.

If you’d like to sign up, please reply to this post or send an email to, and let us know:

  1. What times work for you, and what times of the week would work best for you by filling out this Crabfit poll (it’s open source!): GOSH roadmap :: Co-working sessions - Crab Fit
    • Input your name/nickname, and optionally a password, and click on “Login”. Your timezone should be detected automatically, please adjust if it is not.
    • Select times and days by dragging on the table below. Your selection is automatically saved.
    • Let us know that you responded in the email or post (the site does not notify us automatically).
  2. How excited you are about meeting up. :slight_smile:

Roadmap GW

PS: saturday may appear duplicated on the poll, as reported here. If so, just ignore it, and wonder how cool it would be if saturday was twice a week.


Just completed the poll, thanks for sharing, Nico! I look forward to joining these coworking sessions and seeing what others in the community are up to as well! :slight_smile:

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