Inviting locals to GOSH '17 and going on local field-trips

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Earlier today yesterday I met with a friend who works on civic education at the Biblioteca del Congreso (the Library of Congress of Chile) who introduced me to someone who is with the Comunidad de Robótica UChile, the robotics group at the Faculty of Engineering at the Univ of Chile. Their mission is to be a platform that enables collaboration betwen the different robotics group from the University of Chile. The group is made up of the departments of Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering. Among other things, they are implementing an adaptation of MIT’s Duckie Town. See this short and fun video.

In the next few days I am also hoping to meet someone from one of the local makerspaces, and from Conicyt, the Comisión Nacional de Investigación Cientifica y Tecnológica.

With that background, I am wondering if it would be possible for me to invite a few of the above folks (max 3-4) to our gathering? To sweeten the deal, there is a possibility to arrange field-trips to the above institutions. For sure, I have already been offered a field-trip to the robotics lab and meet the robots: the Chilean Robotic Team, Bender and the PR2.

What do you think? Please let me know so I can tell the locals to make the arrangements for potential field-trips.

Thoughts from the GOSH organizers re. the possibility of inviting a handful of locals?

Thoughts from fellow GOSH attendees on going on a (or more) field-trips to local institutions and meeting local activists, workers, hackers working on various aspects of open science, hardware and culture?

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Hi Puneet,

Thanks! Will get back to you shortly.


Hi! Very interested in going on field trips. Especially if there are makerspaces/ hackerspaces/hacklabs/etc. involved. I was actually about to do some online research of my own into local fixer or repair groups [a la Repair Cafes & Fixers Collectives & other groups I know of based in Argentina]. Did you happen to come upon any local groups in this regard?

Also curious to hear what the GOSH organizers have to say in regards to inviting locals.

hey all - I posted a sticky wiki (haha!) which we can all edit here:

Please put possible activities there. That’ll help everyone know what’s going on and keep us coordinated.