Introducing GOSH-BOT

Hi everyone

I would like you to meet GOSH-BOT

GOSH-BOT is going to be helping out on the GitLab repository for the GOSH Roadmap. If a roadmap issue has no updates for 3 months GOSH-BOT will ask you for an update.

Please comment here if you think GOSH-BOT is malfunctioning. Are you getting too many notifications? Should GOSH-BOT’s message should be updated (maybe to link to the forum?). Or if you think there are other jobs on GitLab that GOSH-BOT could do (Finding unassigned issues perhaps?)

GOSH-BOT is a 100% Open-Source bot, their programming is all on GitLab.


Thanks for doing this, Julian! The launch this afternoon was a friendly reminder of all the things I haven’t gotten to this last year+ :slight_smile: but, I appreciate the reminders and thought the messaging was fine. If it could find unassigned issues or maybe ones (like mine) that haven’t had activity recently that would be helpful for redistributing those tasks or pointing them out to others who might already be doing some version of them.

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This is amazing…this is very convenient