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Hello Everyone I am pollard and I have just joined this forum from United States


Hey Everyone,

It’s a pleasure to be surrounded by so many awesome and curious individuals. I’m a recent Phd grad from the university of Ottawa in cell biology. Since graduating, I started my own company called Incuvers. We build incubation systems with an integrated time lapse imaging system that allows users to get live visualization and analytics of their cell cultures (phone or desktop). The idea of the Incuvers platform is that as people start collecting and sharing data, we can begin analytically comparing people’s cell growth in real time, giving them feedback how their cells compare to the rest of the scientific community in real time. And the best part about all this is that our software is OPEN SOURCE! Our PCB board allows users to connect to it, and run their own scripts for whatever sensors or other they want. check it out I’m looking to explore the future of open source biology with everyone at the Toronto conference. What this truly means, and the possibilities and partnerships that can flourish from having so many curious people in the same room. Also… beeeeerrrr. I look forward to meeting you all