Introduce yourself!


Hello AfricaOSH participants,

This forum was created to facilitate interaction and collaboration before, during and after the event. I will introduce myself to get the forum started and invite you all to do the same.

I am Thomas Mboa from Cameroon. Currently I am a PhD student in information and communication at université Laval. My interest is on the maker movement and development through technology in Africa or low incomes countries. My association (APSOHA: Association for the Promotion of Open Science in Haiti and Africa) is part of the AfricaOSH organising team.

Thomas Mboa


Hello Everyone!

Thomas, thanks for getting the conversation started. My name is Gameli Adzaho. I’m from Ghana and Project Lead for Global Lab Network, one of the partners for Africa OSH. We’re building a community for open science and innovation, welcoming educators, students, innovators, and scientists. Our current interest is kickstarting a citizen science initiative to monitor air quality. Ultimately, we aim to create a system through which science can be applied to solve local problems. We welcome partnerships from people interested in this initiative. I look forward to meeting you all at Africa OSH as we grow the GOSH community.


Hi everyone.

I am Jorge Appiah, co-founder of Kumasi Hive, co-organiser for this year’s AfricaOSH Summit in Kumasi and also the local Host. We look forward to hosting you all in Ghana and in Kumasi.

Medaase ( Thank you in Twi - a Ghanaian dialect)


Hi everybody, Here is Don from SyntechBio, we focus in Biotech and among it Open Source Tech for Biotech. Nice to see u all here!


Hi Everyone.

I am Maria Augusta (a.k.a. Magu), a Brazilian architect and civic innovator. I organize collaborative design marathons that are hands on processes that generate practical solutions, well thought out and effective for communities, who must be at the center of these processes both as beneficiaries and agents of change. The results are open source hardware that range from portable street furniture, to bicycle accessories and urban agriculture tools among others. I am very excited to share ideas and learn from you all!


Hello everyone!

I’m Asura and I am a (currently Vancouver-based) PhD student and data scientist in scholarly communication. My research interest is in investigating a theoritical framework of scholarly communication informed by critical theory and the philosophy of technology. I am also part of Open Knowledge Maps which is a visual discovery tool trying to create interactive maps of any kind of knowledge. So while my “professional” interests are in scholarly communication and open source, my previous degrees were in Electronics & Cognitive Science. I previously had the chance to hack and play with some Open Brain-Interface Hardware and I am really looking forward to learning more about Open Hardware!

PS: Check out this example map of “Open Hardware” on Open Knowledge Maps


Hello everyone!
I am Alandra Kahl and I teach engineering at Penn State. We have been working on the Riffle project, which is an open source water sensor project. Excited to come to Africa and talk with you all!


Hello out there,
my name is Michel from Hamburg Germany, master student in automation systems. i am very interested in open energy hardware for decentralized electrification based on renewable energy. i am currently contributing in the libre solar project.
we are searching for collaboration in the field of open education, open hardware and circular economy.
nice to meet you. many greetings


Hi everyone
I’m TOKO Abdoul kafid.i’m from Benin. currently i’m student in computer science and co founder of open science club of Parakou .My interest is on digital,education topic and open science.
nice to be part of you!


HI everyone,
My name is Justin Ahinon, I study economic and financial statistics in Benin. I’m very interested by the part of Africa scientifics contents on the web and also open access. I also manage the Open Science Club Parakou, a club which aim is to make known in our area the concepts of open.
I’m very very happy to be with you.


Hello Everyone!
My name is Ethredah Chao from Nairobi, Kenya. A recent BSc Computer Science graduate. Interested in open source software, Founder of Afya-Plan {A health-financing platform in Kenya}, Founder of Tech-Girl-Network {A mentorship program to help more girls get into STEM careers} and I am excited to see you all in Ghana and get to know the amazing things you do :slight_smile:


Hello Everyone…

I am Peter-Cole Onele, a Social Entrepreneur, Public Speaker and Open Access Advocate from Lagos, Nigeria. A recent LL.B holder from the University of Ibadan. I am Co-founder at FactsCount NG (An open-source data analysis platform) and Head of Research & Open Data at ColeSad & Smith Consultings. I look forward to seeing you all at Kumasi !!


Hey Ethredah, great to see another Kenyan on here :blush:


Hello everybody,

My name is Imani Alpha. I’m from Nairobi, Kenya. I’m a senior at Riara University, majoring in Computer Science. I work with Andela as a Program Assistant with the ALCWithGoogle program; which is a program that seeks to level up the programming skills among Africans, as such offers programming classes. My interest would be in seeing tech that can be used to scale out the project and reach out to more remote areas. It currently runs in Nigeria, Kenya and most recently Uganda.

Uber excited to be on here though


Hello everyone. My name is Amanda Charles. I am a high school Science educator and founder of Ikamva LeAfrika Education Foundation. I’m from South Africa🙂


Hello everyone, my name is Kemudeme Effiong; I am from Nigeria and I’m a graduate of Electrical/Electronics Engineering. I love to teach, write and also learn. Currently, I work with a start-up innovative healthcare informatics and consulting firm, HEALTH CROSS GLOBAL MEDICAL SOLUTIONS COMPANY, in Abuja, Nigeria’s administrative capital.
I have interest in EMBEDDED SYSTEMS & IOT, Electronics, Communications & Telecommunications, and will further for my Masters in either of the fields. Given my current work environment, I feel sharing ideas with us about emerging trends in telemedicine will spur us to begin creating solutions in this regards and stand out tall in times ahead.

Most importantly, I really want to learn from you all as I plan to attend the event in Kumasi by the special grace of God. Love you all


Thank you so much
I am Oyinlola Oluwagbemiga from Nigeria. I hold both first and second degree in Social Work from the University of Ibadan. I have specific interest in human service in technology especially to disadvantaged groups (people with special needs). I hope to engage fellow Africans towards providing population responsive technological services without leaving anyone behind
Thank you


I was once a high school science teacher! Great to see fellow educators on board.


Hello everyone,

I am Ephraim A. Malinga. I am from Uganda, and a Graduate Research Assistant with the iLabs@MAK Project in Makerere University. I am very passionate about hardware development and I am really excited to meet like minded people in Africa. I look forward to learning and sharing with everyone.

Thank you


Hello everyone,
My name is Felicity Mecha from Nairobi Kenya. I am An Electrical Engineer, A maker, Innovator and Entrepreneur. I am actively involved in the maker movement in Kenya Since 2014. Apart from running my own business and mentoring high school students, i volunteer in Fablab Nairobi in a project named the maker project aimed at designing and making equipment for the maternal and new born unit in our national hospital (Kenyatta National Hospital). I look forward to connecting with the people attending this summit and sharing ideas.