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Please can some respond to my email


Hi,everyone, my name is DAIRO, Opeyemi Oluseyi, a Nigerian, I am a young Researcher and I love researching about how ICT can better the life of people i n my community and my nation as a whole.
I studied Computer Science and I hv also presented paper in an international conference and am still making some researches on the ICT.


This would be a very interesting space to explore


Hello everyone! I am really excited to be here. It’s overwhelming. I am Freda Yamorti Gbande from Ghana. I have a degree in biochemistry, cell and molecular biology from the University of Ghana. I am passionate about science and technology and how it can be exploited to solve problems in Africa. I currently work with the Amrahia Dairy Farms (Ministry of food and Agriculture) where we assist locals to start and maintain their own farms. As I said I’m really overwhelmed and after reading the through the replies I’m reassured it is going to a great experience of learning and sharing new information.


Am Harry Akligoh from Ghana. I’m a medical laboratory scientist and founder of an open science initiative called Practical Science Initiative that enhances the understanding of science in basic schools in the Volta region of Ghana through hands on science practicals and also to create programs that encourage girls into STEM careers. My interest currently include DIY Bio used as a tool for research, open data and epidemiology.


Hi everyone
My name is Shadrack Agyiri. I am a Junior High school Information and Communication Technology teacher. I am so passionate in teaching the students basic coding and robotics. I am currently part of a team of passionate people, establishing code clubs in schools across the country known as . I am happy to meet you all.


Hello, my name is Kwabena Kesse, a Ghanaian and a Computer Engineering graduate.
I work as a Solution Architect to help Telecom Network operators to build financially viable use cases and solutions in Mobile Financial Services. I have been working with Telcos in Ivory Coast, Liberia and Guinea Conakry. I recently completed my education in full-stack web development in Belgium and I am hoping that this platform will create a excellent opportunity to share ideas, network and learn more about open hardware.

I am looking forward to meeting you all. :slight_smile:


I participated in the 2010 robotics competition. Though my team placed third the concept of robotics was just need to me and I am looking forward to learn a lot from you.


Do you have a respond yet?


AfricaOSH participant
i am Ousman Yussif, A Ghanaian , a teacher by profession and currently in my final year at university of education winneba pursuing Bsc Information Technology.As a teacher my philosophy is learners learn well if they are actively involved in the teaching and learning situation and this can only be done if 21st century technologies and innovations are embraced in the Ghanaian syllabus.i always want to get an opportunity like these where i can meet people around the globe and bring into existence.


Yes, I was able to pay $50 through PayPal for my Registration fee today to be able to attend AfricaOSH 2018 in Kumasi, Ghana.


Yes yes I think so. Thank you.


My payment has been confirmed and I hv my invitation letter, see u in Kumasi, Ghana by God’s grace.


Pls call me today, I don’t have ur contact.


Victor, from Dar es Salaam. :slight_smile:


Hello everyone! Reading the intro of others, I know AfricaOSH is where I have to be. I’m Chris from Ghana, a model UNer, an enthusiast of open science and a marine engineering graduate. I love anything technology and looking forward to meet and share ideas.


Hi everyone! I’m Shannon Dosemagen and I work with an organization called Public Lab at the intersection of environmental monitoring, community science and open hardware. I’ve been co-organizing GOSH with a group of wonderful people since 2015. I’m looking forward to learning from everyone and seeing how the GOSH roadmap takes shape in the context of your work.


Hi All!

I’m Jenny from Cambridge UK, I’m a biologist and a Shuttleworth Fellow researching open source in the bioeconomy and wider access to molecular biology reagents, specifically enzymes!

Like @shannond I’ve been a co-organiser of GOSH since 2015 and I’m also really excited to listen and learn more about how open science hardware and the GOSH Roadmap might be adapted and be useful to your work.



Hi everyone!

I’m Joseph Keteku from Ghana and a cyber security expert
I have been in the Information Technology Industry for a long time.
Am happy to be part of this great team.


Yelo all,

Am Emmanuel Opoku, from Ghana, representing U.E Engineering Service, we are into security system (CCTV), Television (TV) and Radio station setup, Microwave links, satellite links, and General Electrical Power service.
We are extending our service into the Agricultural industry, researching on how best we can preserve food grow in Africa.
we hope to create a network to exchange idea and grow a big business for Africa and the world.