Interfacer Project

I was curious if anyone here is connected with this project or knows anything about it.

It seems like it shares some goals with some of the initiatives that I’ve seen discussed on this forum, but the information on the home page is all I know about it. According to the site it is funded by the EU EFRE.


I’m sorta connected. They are using a vocabulary that I work on so I help them out now and then and also participate in their chats. Did you want to learn something specific about it?

People from that project and @julianstirling of Gitbuilding talked with each other in maybe November of last year?


@bhaugen Thanks for the response. An open source project I’m part of was approached to feel out our interest, and we are just checking around because the project came out of nowhere from our perspective. Is it an established team/project that was just not on our radar? I’m interested in who’s involved, what open source projects are signed on already, if the project is an offshoot of another effort, etc. We’re not suspicious of the project or anything, just doing our due diligence to make sure we understand the situation.

Cheers. Here is benedikt seidel, part of the interfacer project. Bob steered me here. Mr jmwright i think it would be just right for you to come our open network meeting this friday 5 pm cet. Call me 0157 eight ocho 222 sietentate 18 or drop me a mail i understand that interfacer seems to come out of nowhere but the people behind it have connections to the commons community, open source comminty and scientific community. More info on and and

On you can access our matrix/element instance (the better slack). There is also the link to the network meeting. If too comicated and/or i dont respond write and

May the force be with us

Ps: i found the link to our network event on friday: FabCityHH

Topic of this friday:

Fab Friday, 20th May 2022 5 p.m.: FabCityHH


‘Introduction to the Economic Governance Roadmap - Fab City OS as the digital infrastructure upon which a Fab City Economy shall unfold’

How do you imagine the Fab City in 2050? How do companies make money? What is the role of Fab Cities in all of this? You’ve probably already heard that Fab Cities are going for something with bits and circular economy, and you can guess that a circular economy makes sense for ecologically sustainable development.

But what does this actually have to do with 3D printers, fab labs and blockchain, which is what is being talked about in the context of the INTERfACER project? The upcoming Fab Friday will deal with these and related questions. Your presence and voice is important, because we are now setting the course for the economy of the future and this should be worked out on as broad a basis as possible. We also explicitly invite the companies of the Fab City Hamburg to participate.

Benedikt Seidel, project manager of the INTERFACER project at Fab City Hamburg e.V., will guide through the event. He is doctoral student at the professorship for digital markets at the University of Hamburg and researcher at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the Helmut Schmidt University

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As @bhaugen says he introduced me to some people in the project, and I did talk to some people about GitBuilding.

GitBuilding development has been very slow as of late, in the past much of it was done in my free time which is a commodity that has largely disappeared as of late. Some of it is done on work time as the GitBuilding is used by the OpenFlexure project, but the current OpenFlexure priorities do not need GitBuilding to improve much.

I have tried to put in some funding applications so I can put some effort into GitBuilding. No luck so far. @Benedikt does INTERFACER have money it can distribute under its “Open Source Software for Open Source Hardware” theme?

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Thanks for the reply. What timezone are the meetings in and how often do they occur?