Interest in a "how to solder" skillshare?

Is there any interest in a basic soldering workshop?

  • Yes! I don’t know how to solder but would love to learn.
  • I would only be interested if it was advanced soldering, like surface mount assembly.
  • No, I am not interested at all. Maybe propose a different skillshare?

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P.S. This is how you make polls if you want to do your own.

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what about a “how to teach ‘how to solder’ session” instead?

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Yep - I could help with that. Especially surface mount soldering, we do a lot of that. How to hot plate a BGA? What kind of tools to use, that sort of stuff.

Well teaching to teach is probably best taught by teaching! :smile:

Nice one @gbathree, I haven’t done BGA yet myself.

Organizing the required equipment is quite important. It would be nice to teach how to use a modified toaster oven for SMT as it’s quite accessible but also scales well (you can do smaller batches) but maybe it is more sensible to aim for things that can be done with a basic iron. I am flying from the UK so won’t be able to bring much aside from some kits for people to build and an iron or two. What kind of equipment could be organized? Should we make a wish-list?

This will be really helpful if advanced techniques to soldering is taught. Very very useful!

Yes, I would love to do soldering specially surface mount. It will also be great if ideas about a DIY reflow oven are shared.

You can use a hotplate and hot air gun actually (with care and caution of course)! We would need to prepare a bit for sure, or whoever is organizing would need to bring some stuff to practice on. I have lots of old boards here with good examples of things to test solder (small surface mount parts, etc.).

If someone wants to organize, I’d be happy to bring boards with parts for enough people to play with.

I also have SMT soldering skills and techniques that I can offer. This is super important to know about. Happy to support in any way.

I’ve also done a lot of surface mount work, using iron, hotplate, hot air, and a little bit of reflow oven. I’ve had a toaster oven in the corner of my shop for ages waiting for me to build a reflow controller for it…but it’s been low priority. Happy to help in any way.

I have proposed a “Beginner and Advanced soldering” skillshare. I’ll use this post to keep track of people and required equipment. If anyone can provide some equipment let me know.




  • [ ] 15+ soldering irons (preferably stations with some temp control and medium chisel tips)
    • 1/15 - Kaspar
  • [ ] Solder that’s easy for beginners (i.e. thin gauge and leaded)
  • [ ] Through-hole kits
    • (I have something in mind but need to get it ready)
  • [ ] Print-outs of Soldering is Easy?


  • [ ] SMT kits
  • [ ] Solder stencils
  • [ ] Hacked toaster oven or hot plate
  • [ ] Solder paste
  • [ ] Gloves
  • [ ] Electrical tape
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Does anyone have decent hot tweezers with a few different tips? That can be helpful not only to use, but also to show folks what you can do with a pair of good hot tweezers.


I would actually be very seriously interested in this.

I could help out in some way, can I message you to see how I might be able to help? Also very curious to see how you set this up, because I myself have led soldering workshops but in a more experimental way!

I have a bunch of the “soldering is easy” print-outs already (maybe 5?) I could give you a count in a count when I’m back home tomorrow…

Unfortunately I am far and away from all of my soldering irons :(((

I have a spool of leaded solder I’d be happy to bring along. I also could make up a couple syringes of solder paste if that would be useful.

With the same motivation as expressed by @dusjagr, I too am interested in a “how to teach ‘how to teach soldering’”. And very likely @kaspar is correct, this is best taught by teaching (without going into a self-recursion loop).

Count me in.

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Hoied mitenand,

been thinking and took the challenge on some creative way of teaching design and solder of SMD boards. as i have just been spending the last weeks constantly on my MixTape designs… i came up with this:
diy CAD - draw your own board → and send it to manufacture / or etch at home.

i prepared some of those laminated parts and we can give it a try as a “teaching” SMD workshop. i’ll make some creative boards here these days with my friends and we can use them as beginner kits for SMD. the function is a little temp-sensor monitring attiny85 thingy.

ii call it “Gär Lämpli” ferment monitoring tool, to check temperatures of your Sauerkraut, Koji rice or whatever you are brewing.är_Lämpli

I’ll bring the chemicals and some boards.


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I am very interested in the etch at home capability. Let’s make a witches brew:

Thrice the brinded cat hath mew'd.
Thrice and once the hedge-pig whined.
Harpier cries 'Tis time, 'tis time.

so we gave it a try today…är_Lämpli#Creative_PCB_design_tool

also discussing to directly send it for pcb production, maybe including assembly. should be around 8$ a piece for a batch of 40, 4 designs 10 each, all inclusive parts, delivery… delivery time less than a week here in taiwan.


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So I hastily purchased supplies, mostly looking around my own bench and figuring that would be useful for others. Lots of overlap with Marc’s list. So, we will have 7 full kits.

Here is list of items and kit info: GOSH supply sheet - Google Sheets

Here’s some images of the mess that is trying to get kits together at midnight the day before you take a 15 hour flight, and my son’s first experience with a solder sucker (don’t worry, I hadn’t use it yet so don’t call child protective services :).

I hope these are useful for the conference, but I’m also excited to think about how we could use these supplies across the year to improve outreach and skill sharing for GOSH.

hei greg, lucky you, only 15h… i’ll be on my way for more than 40h!!

ahja… making these kits and packing hands-on tools. it’s some kinda weird embodied knowlegde, beyond lists. afer 10 years of geek experiences in SGMK, i can doing with my eyes closed, sleep-deprived, drunk or in any other state of mind. and the more you forget, the more creative the prototyping lab will be and we’ll need hacks around to get what we want.

i am preparing this “kit to make kits with kids” for the smd-soldering how to make pcb’s etc…

been laminating the whole night.

but happy to have the “official” realease of the new and open and (not exactly) free diy-CAD environment at GOSH:är_Lämpli#Creative_PCB_design_tool