Ideas for design skills workshop


Hey everyone,

I would like to know if anyone is interested in a design skills workshop.

Possible (and varying) themes include: 1) how to lead a participatory design / co-creation workshop; 2) UX design for IoT; and 3) design challenges in P2P environments, but other suggestions are more than welcome!

I’m an interaction designer with skills in UX and visual design so if people want to get technical with software (Photoshop, Sketch, Invision etc.), or learn about the UX process (user research, creating personas, interactive prototypes and user testing, etc.), I’m up for that too.


Hi !
I would be interested.
I dont know what is UX or Ioit.
But curious.


I’d also be interested – Public Lab does co-design and online/offline collaborative hardware design work, and also has been prototyping different design collaboration workflows on for several years. I have a background in design, esp. product, graphic, and information design, as well as hands-on prototyping in paper, cardboard, etc.


Jeff, would you be interested in creating the workshop together?


Hi, I am interested in learning designing skills


Goldjian, UX is User Experience and IoT is Internet of Things (connected devices).


This sounds interesting and relative to my field. Would be interested!


I think so – don’t want to commit more than I can do well, but how are you thinking of structuring it? Some discussion, then trying a hardware design task by breakout group, and then presenting/discussing together? Could be interesting also to look at some of the public workshops WeMake Milan has done. Don’t know if they’re coming but they’re great.


UX design for IoT

Thank you


Testing the interest level of a skill share / workshop in designing mixed signal (analog and digital) PCB layout?
I can also offer skill share in prototyping and soldering with surface mount parts.


I think a UX design for IoT workshop would be great. I would go to it for sure, I could help teach it if you wanted also.

Personally, I’d also love to teach a skill workshop on Inkscape and it’s use for basic UI design. I feel like Inkscape is such a great example of successful free software yet it’s still wildly underappreciated.


Hey biomurph, do you use KiCAD? I think that’s a useful topic as well, especially as it’s become dramatically more usable with better resources for learning. You could integrate some KiCAD teaching into a class about designing PCB layouts. I’d be happy to help there if you need it.

I think mixed signal layout would be good - also good would be designing boards for signal quality… what to consider, how to avoid noise, etc. There are many projects trying to push the boundary on signal quality and bumping up against the limits of slapping on a faster ADC :slight_smile:


gbathree, yes, I use KiCAD. Definitely able to do a skill share on that.
In the work that I’ve done with OpenBCI, I can talk about designing for signal quality for sure.


Very interested in this no matter what software it’s taught in.


That would be great! I know very little about designing actual hardware but have been doing UX design for IoT devices for several years now. Maybe we can break it up into hardware/software design as quite a few people are interested. I’ll put some ideas together and share then on the forum within the next couple of days.


It sees like there is a lot of interest for a design skills workshop. I’m going to come back with a few proposals on structure and content within the next couple of days :slight_smile:


sweet! Looking forward to it!


I could certainly help with an intro or walking through our MultispeQ ( Perhaps we could get a few people to walk through their designs, and their design considerations, on their actual projects. The context I think really helps with skill building workshops (rather than just talking in the abstract).

Another good person I know is Ryan from Dropbot and their designs, or Marc who’s done a lot of design work.

So maybe a design walk-through session, where each person talks about some lessons they’ve learned in their PCB design work. And through the process we can each show a few basic parts of KiCAD? Or maybe there’s multiple sessions there :slight_smile:


That all sounds great. Yes, hearing about how other people solve problems and break things is the best part.


Yes, I love this idea Greg! Also, if anyone has knowledge/tips to share about EMC/EMI and compliance issues in general, I think that would be great. We’re currently going through compliance testing and it is intimidating for a first timer… It’s also quite expensive, so if people have ideas/tips for minimizing these costs, I think it could be a big help to the community. I myself am still pretty green when it comes to these issues, but I will undoubtedly be learning a lot in the next month :wink: