Hello from an open-source CAD enthusiast

Hello, I only just recently learned about GOSH recently from @jmwright and am still learning, but I love the ambition, “ubiquitous by 2025”. Yeah! Let’s get it!

My interest is mostly in CAD so not directly hardware, but I have been a huge admirer of the openflexure microscope and have briefly spoken to @kaspar before. One thing I love about openflexure is its pipelines to regenerate images and 3d output when there are changes to the repo.

It’s actually something that I’m trying to enable more with my project CadHub (repo), so that these pipelines don’t have to be bespoke for every project and we can all gain from productivity wins. In the medium term I’ll be busy getting CadHub to the point where it’s actually useful, but please reach out if there’s ever anything I can do to help.



Hi Kurt

Welcome to GOSH, we are about to submit a paper about the OpenFlexure workflow project, including:

  • Git for revision control
  • CI pipelines for building STLs, renders, documentation and BOM
  • Use of issue trackers and merge requests conversations record discussion

We call this utilisation of the DevOps tools “HardOps”, and talk about how it would allow more distributed collaboration without the need for centralised control (you fork my project hand have the same set of tools, but can always contribute back).

We would love to see a Hardware based platform to make this workflow easier so CadHub sounds interesting. But also it is nice to have all software and hardware on the same platform. I think also it would be great to have tools that make it easier for those using graphical CAD and those who are not comfortable with Git, to get much of the benefit of Git.


Nice @julianstirling , that paper sounds very interesting.

Our focus is very much for Code-CAD, so not supporting graphical packages at this point. We’ve already got enough to build out and have to draw the line somewhere, what we are doing to hopefully support less technically inclined is supporting “Customizers” so that users can tweak params for projects without having to dig into source code. OttoDIY has expressed interest in this feature.

And because we’re hoping to promote the use of Code-CAD we don’t want git to be a prerequisite we’ll allow for saving projects directly on CadHub. But this doesn’t really match with what you’re saying “to get much of the benefit of Git” since they won’t be using it at that point. Though one thing we’re emphasising is good documentation, I want to have a mix if tutorials, api references and cookbook style guides to cater a range of skill/experience, we’ve started with a tutorial for OpenSCAD. I’m not completely sure about long term if we’ll want to add some Git related content since that’s well and truely covered else where but it might be good to have it all in one place, I’m not sure.

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