Hello from an academic hardware developer

Hi all,

I just joined the community recently so I thought I should introduce myself (I did not find a place to do this but feel free to move this post if there is).
I am a researcher at the University of Aberdeen, Scotland, and I have been working over the last decade (!) on a new type of MRI system. Recently, I got much support from my Uni and we are building a clinical-grade version of this in the local hospital (you may see more on the project website).
I have some grand plans to make this an open-source hardware technology, but this is rather complicated so I will probably make a few posts to ask for advices, join initiatives or probe the interest of the community in various of my projects.
By the way, it looks like I already know some of you (hello!). OSHW is a small world at the moment, let’s hope it will extend quickly!