GOSH website - quick fix to improve readability

Hi all,

I know there are ongoing efforts to improve the GOSH website (openhardware.science). However I was wondering if we can implement a quick fix to make blog posts and pages more readable.

Look for example at Working with Technology Transfer Offices to support open hardware in academia | Gathering for Open Science Hardware

It’s really difficult to read, and although it’s not the fix, we can at least modify the text width to 60 or 50%?

Happy to do that but I don’t want to step over any other ongoing work.


Yeah, it’s really bad.

The fix would have to be screen size dependent. If it is 50% on a phone it will also be very hard to read.

Yes, but it should be quite straight forward. It’s just some CSS using a media query to specify the breaking points for the width to change.

Edit: I just re-checked and now it reads much better, thanks to whoever went into it and changed it!

As @julianstirling mentions, let’s not forget mobile, that now looks a bit weird:


All the content used to be boxed but I think a theme update probably broke it.

I adjusted the theme and emailed a response but somehow it didn’t come back to the forum. I just changed the restriction from max % width to max absolute px width which should help but that’s as much as is possible in the settings. If anyone can change the settings with more nuance using css then please do!

The theme is changing within the coming weeks, so I wouldn’t recommend spending too much time perfecting things.



Looks great Jenny thank you!