GOSH Web Improvements: call for contributors and coordinator

Hi All

There was a great discussion on the last GOSH community call (facilitated by @julianstirling) to get suggestions on new features for the GOSH forum and other web tools.

TL;DR: Please add your ideas for changes and additions to the GOSH web resources (inc forum, website, gitlab) on gitlab or this thread. If you would like to be involved in or would be willing to coordinate a GOSH web working group, please reply on this thread or contact me directly.

It was decided at the last call that the GOSH IT Geeks should make a list of two things and bring those back to the community:

  1. Features and projects to gather further feedback from the community and plan implementation
  2. IT things that NEED to happen

Side note: the GOSH IT Geeks are a small group of volunteers that maintain the GOSH web infrastructure, new members welcome, ping me if you have some sysadmin/webdev experience or would be keen to learn :slightly_smiling_face:

Features and projects for your feedback and additions!

  • Forum: clean layout with big icons indicating the labels, and maybe a brief explanation of how the labels works, and a simple video of how to set configurations etc. [from call]
  • Forum: detailed header post as per http://forum.reclone.org/ but better (this one appears on every page which is annoying).
  • Forum: better on-boarding for non-English speaking participants
  • Forum: add events feature
  • Forum: integrate better with the GitLab Roadmap
  • Website: better integration with forum
  • New app: have a listing for curated publications for open science hardware

They have been added as issues to a new project in the GOSH Community gitlab account:

You have two options to contribute:

  • Head on over to gitlab issues (ping me if you need adding to the repository), review the issues in list or board view, propose new ones and give your highest priorities a thumbs up.
  • If you prefer, comment on this thread with your thoughts and additions

Comments are open for three weeks until 13 Sep during which time we will organise a call to go through, prioritise further and set these things into action. If you would like to be involved in or would be willing to coordinate a GOSH web working group, please reply on this thread or contact me directly.

IT things that NEED to happen [now being implemented by the GOSH IT Geeks]

  • Moving GOSH server out of @jcm80’s DO account and into a new GOSH team account so more people have admin access.
  • Transferring GOSH domain from @jcm80 to new GOSH org and finding new domain host (currently godaddy)
  • Setting up SMTP so that people can send emails from @openhardware.science addresses - important for organizers@ but also with the org we will need role emails e.g. for accounts. Probably no need to have mailboxes, but forwarding and “send as” ability is essential.
  • Find a freelancer for web dev.

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Hi, my name is Jason and I work with a tech cooperative called FullSteam Labs that supports nonprofits and small businesses. We’ve been a webdev shop for while now and we’re interested to move toward open data/science/hardware to have a more direct impact on the issues we care about. I was researching GOSH along with some other related communities this morning when I came across your post here.

The timing seemed fortuitous, so I figured I’d better reply here and let you know that we might be able to help. We regularly work with Digital Ocean and WordPress (which looks like what’s running the GOSH site). We also offer managed WordPress hosting as a service and could assist with the email configuration mentioned in the needs list. Anyhow, I wanted to step up and say hello, we’re here, and we’re interested to get involved. :blush:

To find out more about FullSteam Labs, you can visit our website at www.fullsteamlabs.com.

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