GOSH events framework: draft is open for comments

Hi all,

As part of the process of documenting a framework for running GOSH events (read more about it in this thread), we run a workshop in April which allowed us to write a first draft.

As suggested by most participants, the document is organized in three sections: things to consider before, during and after the event. When applicable, a GOSH manifesto label appears next to these “things to consider”. You will also see that the sections dealing with core logistics are still in draft, same with links to templates. This is because that is a really, really big chunk of work, still in progress.

In brief: please leave your comments, suggestions and any other resources in this document, before Friday 14th.

Thank you :heart:


Would it be possible for someone in the documentation team to take a look at the framework, and tell us if we are missing anything important?

Right now I remember @laola, @Rachel, but any other docs team member, we invite you to comment :slight_smile:


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Hey, this is absolutely amazing, thank you all so much for this work. I’m going to reference this a lot.

Is it possible to suggest edits in a month or two? Or is this like a closed doc once published? Sorry I just know that I’ll struggle doing it this spring but am really excited to read it and potentially add suggestions later in the year.

Thanks everyone!


Hey Greg! The idea is that this is a living document. The soon-to-be-elected council should specify the way in which this document is updated and the frequency, but the core idea is that there we have future instances of reviewing and adding comments.


FYI, I started incorporating comments and suggestions to the doc yesterday (continuing today). If you leave comments now there’s a huge chance I miss them in this revision.

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Thanks for drafting this events framework! I think once there is a feature-complete version it will also benefit other groups organising events.

I was at a Code of Conduct workshop last week as part of the Citizen Science Association conference and learned of a highly-recommended guide on “How to Respond to Code of Conduct Reports” (direct link for downloads). Apparently it has been implemented at DjangoCon EU, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that this guide is published under CC BY-SA 4.0!

I don’t think we need to copy and paste the guide into the GOSH events framework, but in an upcoming version of the framework we could reference this guide for best practices on how to deal with Code of Conduct reports/violations if/when they happen.

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