GOSH Community Coordinator - exciting opportunity!

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GOSH is seeking a Community Coordinator and we need your help! The role advert is below and we’d love you to share with your networks (and of course apply if you’re interested! to ensure we can get the best person to support the community’s activities over the next 12+ months.

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Role: GOSH Community Coordinator
Full time, fixed term contract (~12 months with potential for extension) starting in late January 2021
Deadline for applications: 3 Jan 2021
Location: Remote
Reports to: GOSH Board members

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Job Overview

The Gathering for Open Science Hardware (GOSH) community supports open hardware for scientific research and education by convening meetings such as global and regional GOSH events and providing online forums that democratize research, influence policy and take action to make open science hardware (OScH) ubiquitous by 2025. We support our community, many of whom are outside of formal institutions, to scale our collective impact. Examples of our activities include mapping useful tools, resources and people in OScH to maximise the visibility and use of existing initiatives; reaching out to new communities and individuals; increasing connections between scientific and local communities that are already engaged in using science to address issues such as environmental pollution.

The GOSH Community Coordinator will work with the GOSH community governance groups, the wider community and the board of the GOSH 501c3 nonprofit to support them in organising activities such as global GOSH meetings, writing sprints, collaborative development projects and more. The community is currently undergoing a transition to a new governance structure and they will also support the new governance group in implementing and communicating that structure.

They will play a key role in supporting the GOSH Community to reach new audiences, provide an enriching and dynamic environment for existing projects and community members, share open and impactful technologies and make OScH ubiquitous by 2025.

To meet the deliverables of this position we anticipate 35-40 hours/week, with an understanding that some weeks might require more hours than other weeks especially during community events.

Responsibilities and Duties


  • Support the GOSH community governance groups to make use of community tools and platforms, implement and communicate the new GOSH community governance structure.
  • Organize and help monitor and implement actions arising from GOSH Community meetings.
  • Foster relationships and partnerships with other organisations and stakeholders in OScH who may join or collaborate with the GOSH community.
  • Implement metrics and mechanisms to measure the health of the GOSH community and collate impact stories.

Event Support

  • Coordinate and develop and document a handbook, templates and other resources for running a GOSH event including our facilitation model.
  • Manage calls for funding for regional events, writing workshops and collaborative development projects.
  • Support the Global GOSH organising committee with administrative tasks and coordination.


  • Work with web developers and the GOSH community to develop and improve the GOSH website and forum.
  • Amplify news and projects from the community to raise the profile of OScH and ensure diverse voices and projects are visible and used.
  • Monitor and manage GOSH social media channels, support community members who wish to contribute to those channels.
  • Create engaging GOSH newsletters compiled to keep members up to date with activity on the forum, events, funding opportunities, highlighted community successes and requests for help.
  • Consider new ways of communicating and tools for increasing connections in the community at a time when travel is reduced.

Project Management

  • Collate reports from activities funded by GOSH such as global gatherings, regional gatherings, writing sprints etc.
  • Support the 501c3 board in gathering material for funder reports and grant applications.
  • Support funding applications arising from the GOSH community, where applicable.


  • Education: a background in a STEAM-related subject or another subject relevant to the role and to the OScH community is desirable.
  • Experience: +2 years experience of community coordination and/or project management in a paid or voluntary context is essential, involvement in the OScH community is desirable as is a track record in open source or open hardware projects and communities.
  • Specific skills: facilitation, social media, content creation, project management, event organisation, community management
  • Personal characteristics: team player, adaptable, organised, strong communication skills, empathetic, willingness to listen to the community, strong alignment with the values of the GOSH Manifesto and a commitment to equity, passionate about OScH and its potential to improve science and society.
  • Certifications: None necessary

To Apply

Send a resume and cover letter in a single document to goshcommunity@gmail.com by 3 Jan 2021.

Please note, this position is time zone flexible and community-facing which means that some weekend and evening work will be required regardless of location. The Community Coordinator is expected to attend GOSH community calls, which typically happen mid-morning U.S. Eastern Time. Some travel will potentially be required, particularly for community events.

Contract rates will be commensurate with experience and geographic location, GOSH is committed to providing fair and equitable compensation.

The Gathering for Open Science Hardware is committed to a diverse, multicultural work environment. We encourage people with different ability sets, people of color, and people of diverse sexual orientations, gender expressions, and identities to apply.

Download Role Description PDF >>



It will be great to have someone pushing all these things forward for the GOSH community!

I only have one comment regarding the “contract rates”. I don’t know if this has already been discussed within the Governance WG, but in case it hasn’t I would like to bring it up: I find it odd that the salary will be “commensurate with geographic location”. I imagine that this is related with the differences in the cost of living in different countries. What I think is that this ‘cost of living’ is largely correlated to the ‘standard of living’, and paying accordingly sounds to me like people living in rich countries somehow ‘deserve’ a better quality of life than people living in poor countries, even though they would have the same job.

Of course this is just a personal impression, since I am not at all an expert in these issues, but I am worried that people interested in this position might get the same impression.

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There are many different takes on this, endless articles on-line. I also think we often say “cost of living”, but in reality what counts is the “market rates” practiced at each location, though often that correlates with standard of living. Most companies will practice that, specially with contractors. Then you have companies like Automattic, which struggle with the complexity of paying employees with the same roles similar salaries regardless of location. But that’s a multi-million dollar corporation. Doesn’t mean every organization can do it. And their rates end up being lower than the market for people living in some regions. Anyway, it’s a good question indeed, though I’m not sure if a priority for such a small employer as GOSH (with possibly limited resources). .~´