GOSH community calls - Which tool?

Hey all,

At last gathering in Shenzhen I picked up the task of starting the GOSH community calls, you can check it in this GitLab issue.

With the idea of starting next March, I’d like to ask you which conference tool you think is the best?

Some requirements I can think off:

  • Not limited in # of users (or has a big limit)
  • Ideally open source
  • Has option for dial-in
  • …Works

Also, I was planning to use Etherpad for collaborative notes, any other suggestion is welcome.


I like Zoom quite a bit, but one needs to pay if calls are longer then 40 minutes…

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Same. I prefer it but unless someone wants to lend a credit card, I see it difficult :stuck_out_tongue:

I see people on GitLab are pro jitsi meet. We use jitsi meet for all conference calls now. We have found it performs really well even when people have ropey internet connections.


Ok, JitSi it is, everyone (Riot/GitLab/here) is reporting good experiences - Thanks guys!