GOSH Banner -thoughts?

Hey everyone, I’m helping @briannaljohns and @saadcaffeine with the GOSH Banner. The plan is make a banner that could be used any global event, with the first one being FOSSASIA.

Here are the current drafts. Open to comments, ideas, and other photos! Heavily inspired by the Panama GOSH 2022 postcards and graphics.

We were debating whether to add other details, like the website URL to openhardware.science (or QR code).



Hi Nik and everyone! Great idea! Congrats!

I think it would be useful to add the URL or the QR, or maybe even both.

About the text, maybe “that works to” instead of “that wants to”? Or “We are a community working to make…”?

Thank you!


Really nice @NKArranz!

I’ve taken promotional materials to events (e.g. MozFest) before where “GOSH” was much bigger than “Gathering for Open Science Hardware” and I had feedback that people couldn’t tell, especially from a distance, what GOSH is or stands for so weren’t sure if it was relevant to them. On that basis, I’d make the full name much larger if possible.

If you’re not putting the website address (which I think would be helpful but I appreciate it can be a bit difficult graphically) then having the full searchable name very visible is even more helpful for newcomers. If you google GOSH, you will get Great Ormond Street Hospital, or other better known GOSHes :slightly_smiling_face:

I really like design 1, because the photos bring the community to life and I like the organic shapes. Design 2 looks really great too, but Learn, Support and Grow is generic out of context and I think it won’t be very meaningful to anyone who hasn’t read the GOSH Roadmap (yet!).



Great work @NKArranz, I only wish I could attend FOSSASIA with y’all!

I echo the comments made by @marbasch and @jcm80 including the confusion from “GOSH”, and stress the value of making finding the GOSH website and forum as easy as possible with information on the banner.

My time in that part of the world has taught me that QR codes are very commonly used, though an actual URL might be good, too. One possibility is to print the QR code separately on an A4 piece of paper (of maybe even A3???) and tape it onto the banner. This way, the banner can be more flexibly adapter to other situations where QR codes are not needed or appropriate.

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nice design!

Just a funny aside, a few weeks ago I was on a trip, at the duty-free area of the airport I couldn’t help but rush to buy a cosmetics product once I saw that the (environment-friendly, if i’m not mistaken) company was a certain GOSH from Copenhagen :slight_smile:

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Hi all!

Just following up on this thread as I am exploring some sticker options for GOSH (that we can have at many events, not just FOSSASIA!)

Right now I am experimenting with circular-shaped stickers, and have come up with these two options:


The first one has bigger text with less space between letters, whereas the second is smaller text with more space between letters. Let me know what you think and if you have any ideas!


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I love #1

THANKS for your work on this!!


+1 for the 1st logo

It’s encouraging to see things moving!

I would consider removing “We are a community that wants to” , and maybe add a url or qr pointing to the forum.


Hi Bri

the first one is definitely better visually.

Similar to the feedback and comments about the Banner, I recommend adding a sticker design that has the URL. I’ve had similar feedback for my makerspace stickers. I suggest “- GOSH - www.OpenHardware.science” as a design variant.

the domain “.science” is not immediately obvious as a URL so adding the “www” does the trick without having to put in a “http://” which just looks terrible.


Thanks for the feedback everyone! Here’s another round for concepts. Let me know your thoughts.

I dropped GOSH and replaced it with Gathering of Open Science Hardware. We can refer to it as GOSH (for events/marketing/internal/etc), but I think this might be easier for newcomers to search as others had mentioned.

Plus added an action prompt with a QR code. Everyone should be able to try it on their screens (and please do to make sure it works!). Made it through qrcode-monkey. Open to other QR generators, I know qrcode-monkey was recently bought out by some company.

Might also go through the pictures again some point this week to find other high-quality pictures. If you have some yourself (even of circuit boards/tools), please send my way!

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Thanks I like this version a lot better.

For QR codes, you could try the fully open source Zint (usage described in this blog post) which can generate codes in 40+ formats/standards (including QR codes). It can be downloaded from here:

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I like the idea of having words round the logo when we need it. From the perspective of someone who doesn’t read very well I find it very hard when the words end up upside-down.

Would it be possible to do the text a little more like this:

I know my version is all squished and ugly. I just wanted to get the idea across.

Also worth remembering we have a visual identity repository with the logos, and fonts all in an open format (inkscape) using open fonts:

If we make new logos, and artwork it would be good to keep them in this open accessible space.


Agreed with Julian, no upside down text please:)

Especially because we cab separate the words nicely like that:)

I like how the learn support grow is spelled out:)

Also they have mouse deer in Singapore (in case you need any small furry mascots :rofl:)

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Hi all! Thank you! Nice!
I am afraid I could be adding confusion here… Sorry for that. I think I remember that at some point “Gathering for Open Science Hardware” was kind of replaced (or was heading to be replaced by) “Global Open Science Hardware”… So my question is, did GOSH finally established its name as “Gathering for Open Science Hardware” and left the “gobal” version behind?
Thank you!

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Nope, to halt possible confusion, after lots of discussion last year, everything was settled on keeping it

"Gathering for Open Science Hardware”


Thanks Andy!

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