GOSH 2024 Community Council Election: Independent Observer Thread

Hi GOSH Community,

I would like to introduce Cibele Zolnier (@cizolnier) who will serve as the independent observer for this year’s GOSH Community Council Election. Find out more about Cibele by reading her bio below:

Cibele Zolnier is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of the Brazilian Association of Synthetic Biology (SynBioBR), an organization working to connect and empower the synbio ecosystem around Brazil. Passionate about fostering scientific communities, she has spearheaded various initiatives across Brazil, Latin America, and globally. Currently, she also contributes to the Reagent Collaboration Network (Reclone.org) as a Community Coordinator.

Welcome, Cibele! We thank you for contributing your time to the GOSH Community.

What is the purpose of this thread?
I will continue to update this thread throughout the election, to which Cibele will respond with questions/concerns, or a simple yay or nay.

I will also send Cibele detailed notes as I continue to administer the election so that she can raise any questions or concerns regarding what’s happened.

What Have We Discussed Already?

Cibele and I have connected over email and I have sent her various election resources. I have also sent Cibele the list of nominated candidates for this election, and detailed my process for verifying their eligibility.

Upcoming Action Items for the Secretary and Observer

  1. The Independent observer and election secretary will confirm a meeting time to tabulate the vote.
  2. The Independent observer and election secretary will come up with a plan on what to do in the case of a tie during the election. (You can see what the plan was for the 2023 election here



Thank you Bri and GOSH Council for the opportunity!

I confirm to have received all relevant documents regarding the GOSH Community Council Election process, including the list of candidates. I’m looking forward to contributing as an independent observer.

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