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GOSH 2019: disengaging

During these two days, I discovered very interesting projects, and had some enriching exchanges.

Unfortunately, despite my will to contribute, I did not find that we are moving towards making OSH ubiquitous by 2025. For me, this can only be achieved by

  • valuing each person’s expertise (flow) through group-regulated process (imago adjustment)
  • creating meaningful contents that speak to people outside the community
  • understanding the collective beliefs that hinder OSH ubiquity

Hence, I will not join you tomorrow nor to the hackathon.

Feel free to further develop / adapt the guildelines sketch.

I wish you success in your full OSH projects and will be glad to discuss with you in other venues.

Sorry it didn’t work for you Fabio.

As a local event, I think we have work to do to make this GL GOSH more specific and appropriate and actionable and I agree we can improve there. I also agree we could better utilize expertise within the community.

I I think different people are living very different lives, with very different capacities, times available to contribute, and ways they can contribute. This makes setting a group’s agenda more difficult than within a traditional company, or with people who have 40 hours a week.

All that said, I appreciate your feedback, hope to improve, and am really glad you had a chance to come.

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Thank you for your answer. :slight_smile:

Does agenda setting really depends on the context?

I understand that you proposed to let emerge the contents of sessions, but participants did not have / take the time to agree on how we were to work together within the three days. This however is essential to reach collective engagement and collaborate efficiently.

The session structure did not provide space to iteratively improve our way of collaborating. As for me, what happened at GOSH is similar to what is done in most companies. :confused:

On my contribution, it is clear now that I should have proposed a round of feedbacks on the first day instead of pushing another way of working. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I will propose how to organize next conference in another thread.

Have a good week end,