GlobalOSH 2019 - website and global program

After three years with Gatherings for Open Science where we all came together in one place, next year will be the first year of Global Open Science Hardware (GlobalOSH) with a global program of all year activities.

As we are only 2 month from 2019 I suggest that we start putting information on global activities on the website. For this I started a new tab here:

Share information that you want to see online and let’s discuss here how to represent the global program.

AfricaOSH, Latino Americanas, North American Gosh, GOSH Shenzhen, GROLScH , GOAT, GOSHLabs, GOSH residencias and all other GOSH Nodes and GOSHers welcome!


I can’t edit this page, should we post here first?

Hoi Marina. Just send me your email address and I can make you an account for the website.

Is there another forum post with more context about this? For those who didn’t go to China… Oh and why isn’t the word “hardware” there?

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Hola! As the GOSH movement is growing there were many different events proposed for next year. This thread is an attempt to bring the activities together and on the website. Maybe we can put links here to the different threads on this forum discussing the activities.

And for the “hardware” - good question, guess it should be Global Open Science Hardware, just a typo. Will correct this.

The is also two discussion groups on GitLab that you may want to use:

And I made a logo for GOSHLabs (get together to work on open hardware)

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Have you seen this image before? It’s a high resolution scan of a water-flee. The combination of bright light and fluorescent scanning shows the micro-plastic digested by the animal. The image was scanned with a hacked HiSeq 2000 next level DNA sequencing machine.

Machines in which +100 millions have been invested over the last few years are now being disposed of as Illumina introduced a new generation. We want to avoid this wast by making these scientific machines open and allowing researcher to make new use of the hardware.

I am happy to announce a GOSHLab on the topic at GaudiLabs January 8th-10th 2019.


Follow us here: HiSeq2000 - Next Level Hacking - ReSeq - Global Hackteria Network
Full resolution scan here:


I like the GOSHLab logo but we should probably change the OSI logo in the background to the open source hardware logo since the OSI logo is trademarked (and they are quite specific about how they want it used). If you share the vector I can make the edit since I want to use it for our 35C3 assembly sign.

Hi Kaspar
You are right about OSI logo and we should change that. Now I did not want to constrain the GOSHLab logo only on mechanical hardware but also wet-ware, biomolecules etc. That’s why I would like to go beyond the open source hardware logo. I made the logo in gimp… so no vector file available.

I vectorised it and stole the flask and put it infront of the open source hardware logo. :grin: I think the bubbles are enough to insinuate wet-ware and bio stuff? I was thinking about making the OSHW gear turn into bubbles on one side as well but don’t have time for that right now.


What a great image (although it’s sad what it represents). Great use of hardware!

I like the the addition of the science stuff! I think the gear looks simple in design, so I don’t know if you can simplify the lines of the flask, too, but so far awesome.

The first GOSHLab “ReSeq: making new use of DNA sequencers” is about to end and we can call it a success. Kaspar, Bengt, John and I solved some critical driver and compilation problems and we are now confident that we can launch a crowd-funding to develop a new open source software for the sequencers.

Working on the Micro-Manager software for HiSeq2000

Project Homepage:

Forum Page:


Is the gosh 2019 schedule announced on website yet?
Can someone share the git for me to collaborate?