GitBuilding v0.11, updated website, and example

GitBuilding v0.11 was released to PyPI this week. Involving all the fun features I talked about.

If anyone wants to see the results from using GitBuilding v0.11, here are some updated OpenFlexure assembly instructions using the new features: Assembly Instructions

I have also done some work as @naikymen suggested on trying to improve the Getting Started page on the website. Feedback welcome.


Looks great!

Have you considered doing any linked open data stuff? This is the pickled egg I mean… You could expose that as JSONLD?

Does anything similar to Instructions Online by exist in the FOSS world?

Linked open data is interesting. I have not really looked into it. If it provided a way to uniquely identify screws without having the idiosyncrasies of different places calling different screws the exact same things I would be delighted. I think ISO standards are the best way to identify screws, so much of the content of which is paywalled and copyrighted that I wonder if it has been well translated into nice open data.

I think “Instructions Online” is not something there is a full FOSS solution for. We made an the GitBuilding 3D viewer can handle some levels of explosion if you upload an animated GLB file. But this normally takes me 2-3 different FOSS programs to create these files in a very slow and manual way.

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Do you have any plans to offer Gitbuilding as a hosted service? I wonder if would stick it on their servers/ offer It as a service?

The ability to push projects from Gitbuilding to proprietary platforms such as would be great too.

I’d use Gitbuilding for the ethics, but sync projects to Hackaday for the eyeballs (and to avoid their awful UI!)

Some kinda federation would be interesting too. I’d use your hosted service, or maybe even host my own, but if they were all federated together I’d have confidence my data wouldn’t be lost.

As a hosted service, I have no plans as I have neither the resources, skills, or time to look into that.

It would be great if other platforms would adopt the underlying data type. I do have plans to try to engage with platforms to suggest this.

Our current method for hosting is that you can automatically generate CI templates and publish using GitLab or GitHub pages. This does require people to be Git literate though. I am hoping to add features to make it easy to upload to Git(Lab|Hub) from within GitBuilding. The problems with these features is they are not so valuable to my current projects so they end up on the back burner. I have applied for some funding to concentrate more on GitBuilding, then some of these will start to happen

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I was intrigued by this idea but I just checked: the Hackaday API is read-only, you can’t publish anything through it.

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Thanks for checking @kaspar. This is probably something that we want consider more widely as part of the later stages of Open Know How? If we could get platforms like Hackaday/ wikifactory around a table and talk about API for writing instructions we are likely to be pushing at a more open door than if we talk about portability. It is in their interest for people writing documentation in other tools to be able to put it on their site.

Hello @kaspar and @julianstirling, I’m mentoring @Rosmo in the context of the #communities:open-hardware-makers program. He pointed me to this thread while we discussing the question of platform choice.
I’m noting the “round table” of platforms idea and will make the link with the researcher/technical author who’s just come on board to help with the later stages of Open Know-How so she has it in mind.

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