GitBuilding Cheatsheet

Does git building have a cheatsheet for bigginers like myself?


Not yet, but it should! I need to make one on the website. But let me start getting some of the content down here:


# Page title - Title for a page

## Sub-title - Sub-title in a page

## Numbered sub-title{pagestep} - Renders as: Step 1: Numbered sub-title

Basic formatting

**bolt text**

*italic text**

> quoted text

* Bullet
* Point
* List

1. A
1. Numerical
1. List
*{red} You
*{green} can
*{blue} make
*{yellow} colourful
*{violet} or
*{orange} icon
*{warning} bullet
*{info} points
*{reminder} now!

[title]( - A link

![alt text](image.jpg) - An image

Documentation links and anchors

[page]({step} - Identifies a page that in the step-by-step documentation

[page]({step, var_type: large} - Identifies a page that in the step-by-step documentation, passing a variable to modify the page

[part name]({qty: 2} - Identifies that a part has been used

[tool name]({qty: 1, cat:tool} - Identifies that a tool has been used

[created part]{output, qty:1} - Identifies a part has been made (creates HTML anchor not a link)

[created part]{output, qty:1, hidden} - Identifies a part has been made without adding text to the instructions

[created part](fromstep){qty: 1} - Identifies that a part made on a previous page has been used

[Thingy.stl](models/thingy.stl){previewpage} - link to a preview page previewing a 3D file

[Download all the STLs as a zip]({zip, pattern:"*.stl"} - zip up files listed on page and link to the corresponding zip

[i]( - Create an “info link” displaying an information icon.

Bills of materials

[text]{BOM} - link to a bill of materials page (page will be created)

{{BOM}} - Display a bill of materials within current page

Warning/Caution/Information/Help blocks

>!! **Warning**
>!! This is hot!

>! **Caution**
>! This may be hot.

>i **Note**
>i This can get hot.

>? **HELP! What do I do if it is hot?**
>? Wait for it to cool down.

Include statements

{{include:}} - Include the text from another file into this page

{{include:, if: var_type is not boring}}
{{include:, if: var_type is boring}}

Include text from different files into this page depending on variable value

{{includetext: "![](models/file.stl)", if: targetformat is html}} - Include quoted text depending on variable value


Would GOSH be interested in me making a YouTube video on using GitBuilding?


i would love to see em!

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I certainly would. As a developer I am always interested in how others use the software. It both informs future development, and the documentation.