"g0v Summit 2020" - Call for Proposals (due tomorrow!)

Last minute Call… Deadling for draft proposal 30. June (yes that’s tomorrow)!

“g0v Summit is a biennial gathering focuses on open government, open-source collaboration, and citizen participation. It is a high-profile event of the international open government community.”

g0v is an amazing community and organisation in Taiwan and beyond… the next summit will be held in Tainan in December 2020. I think it’s a great opportunity to connect more deeply to other activities in East Asia and all over.


  • Global citizen technology event
  • Open source collaboration
  • Deeply Connecting Local Communities

“Compared to the previous g0v Summit, which lasted for 2-3 days with a single venue, g0v Summit 2020 expanded its participation and connected the local communities, launching 4 consecutive days of hackathons, short talks, themed forums, free dialogue, and unconference.”


I have proposed a panel for the g0v summit, to discuss our activities with the GOSH network, aswell other related activities with the regional communities.

You can find the proposal here:

for the second round of selecting the program, we are all asked to discuss and share more ideas on their forum here:

it would be great to bring some of us from the gosh network together there to strenghten our presence in Asia further. Don’t be intimidated by the language barriers, we’ll work it out!

Who would be interested to try to get there IRL?
Would be great if we start dicsussing our panel directly on the g0v forum.

For this who want to know more about g0v… it’s one of the most interesting community of open source and open governement, very very big and active in Taiwan and influencing globally.

Here just a recent article in our “western” media:

Who wants to join me?


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