Forward: g0v Summit 2024 Call for Proposals 徵稿中

There is a call for the upcoming g0v Summit 2024.

“g0v Summit is a biennial gathering in Taiwan that focuses on civic hacking, open government, open-source collaboration, and citizen participation. It is a major international event in the open government community and attracted speakers from up to 33 countries in the last four editions, with nearly a thousand of attendees each time.”

We have already submitted to host a GOSH related panel in 2020… but it didnt get into the programme.


Who is interested to submit a panel / side event GOSH related hangout / meetup for this g0v summit?
CFP ~ December 10th, 2023 UTC+8, 18 days left
Personally i might be busy with a project in Patagonia… so it’s kinda too far. but nothing confirmed yet.

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