FOSDEM 2024 happening in Brussels February 3-4, 2024

Hi all,

I thought the following event may be of interest to the community. I noticed they have a developer room dedicated to open hardware as well.

FOSDEM 2024 is happening in Brussels, Belgium, from February 3-4, 2024.

FOSDEM is a free and non-commercial event organised by the community for the community. The goal is to provide free and open source software developers and communities a place to meet to:

  • get in touch with other developers and projects;
  • be informed about the latest developments in the free software world;
  • be informed about the latest developments in the open source world;
  • attend interesting talks and presentations on various topics by project leaders and committers;
  • to promote the development and benefits of free software and open source solutions.

Participation and attendance is totally free, though the organisers gratefully accept donations and sponsorship.

Find out more here:


Who is going? I am hoping to, though I don’t have firm plan yet. Do we know who is hosting the dev room, is it @Javier?

If people are going they might be interested in the FreeCAD hackathon and FreeCAD day before FOSDEM:

I think if I go I’ll make it to FreeCAD day, but not to the whole hackathon


FYI there is also the open research devroom:

@julianstirling I organised the first five occurrences of that devroom (2015-19) and Seth Hillbrand (one of KiCad’s lead developers) took over starting in 2020. I have not yet decided if I will go this year, but it’s quite likely.


Hi Bri,

we have some good news.

For the first one, the BrailleRAP project win the 5th place of the Hackaday prize at the start of November in Pasadena.

And the second one, we will showcase BrailleRAP at the 2024 Fosdem in Bruxelles. We are happy to meet GOSH community members and for those who want to see a BrailleRAP IRL, save the date !



Dang i really wanted to go to this since @julianstirling told me about it last year, but i already had something scheduled. Hopefully 2025!

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I didn’t get around to submitting anything to the Open Hardware DevRoom, but I’ll be in Brussels. Any other GOSHers in attendance?


It is hard to describe how incredibly awesome the BrailleRAP is until you see it punching out Braille in front of you. Such an awesome piece of hardware. Also the best sounding piece of open hardware, such a perfect clunk sound with each stroke.


Dang soo cool!


Hey thank you @julianstirling, it was a great pleasure to showcase BrailleRAP at the 2024 FOSDEM in Bruxelles. Thank you to Seth Hillbrand for sharing the KiCad booth.