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First GOSH Residency in Porto Alegre, Brazil, Jul 22 - Aug 9, 2019

More than 2 years after the idea of “GOSH Residencies” was proposed and refined, it is finally coming to life in Latin America. During the next 3 weeks, Brazil will be hosting the first of 4 annual “Residências de Tecnologias Livres”, which will be followed by Perú 2020, Argentina 2021 and Chile 2022. Participants are coming from Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Perú, and joining the local Brazilian hosts from the Centro de Tecnología Académica (CTA).

This has been possible thanks to funding from CYTED, after a successful proposal drafted last year during the 2018 edition of TECNOx in Valparaíso, Chile. This project has a formal structure, with @ffederici as coordinator, and local coordinators such as @jarancio, @pazbernaldo, @pablocremades, @dulceyaquetto, @rpez and others, but we strive to keep the network open, decentralized and collaborative.

This is just an introduction. We will keep everyone informed of what is happening in Porto Alegre in this thread. Later we will also share details about what we learned during the organization, hoping this will help others organize events like this and help us better grow and support the GOSH Community in Latin America with the next 3 residencies.

Primera residencia GOSH en Porto Alegre, Brasil, del 22 de julio al 9 de agosto de 2019

Más de 2 años después de que se propusieran y definieran las “Residencias GOSH”, esta idea finalmente está cobrando vida en América Latina. Durante las próximas 3 semanas, Brasil será sede de la primera de 4 “Residencias de Tecnologías Libres”, que será seguida por Perú 2020, Argentina 2021 y Chile 2022. Los participantes provienen de Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador y Perú, y se unirán a los anfitriones brasileños del Centro de Tecnología Académica (CTA).

Esto ha sido posible gracias a financiación de CYTED, luego de una propuesta exitosa redactada el año pasado durante la edición 2018 de TECNOx en Valparaíso, Chile. Este proyecto tiene una estructura formal, con @ffederici como coordinador y coordinadores locales como @jarancio, @pazbernaldo, @pablocremades, @dulceyaquetto, @rpez y otros, pero nos esforzamos por mantener la red abierta, descentralizada y colaborativa.

Esto es sólo una introducción. Los mantendremos informados de lo que está sucediendo en Porto Alegre en este hilo. Luego compartiremos también detalles sobre lo que aprendimos durante la organización, esperando que esto ayude a otros a organizar eventos similares, y nos ayude a nosotros a hacer crecer y apoyar mejor a la comunidad GOSH en América Latina con las siguientes 3 residencias.


This is so great! @leandro.mastrantonio is here in Ann Arbor on our first residency also working on soil chromatography and AI for predicting soil quality. Maybe this would be a good moment to try to create a space where we can put them on openhardware.science so people know what we’re up to? It’s on the roadmap but I haven’t had the time to do it yet.

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absolutely fantastic news!

Some photos from the residency I received via telegram from @rpez

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This is pretty cool!
Congrats to everyone who helped put this together!! :slight_smile:
Keep us updated!

@gbathree What were you thinking about? Photo album, blog series? Is there an issue on GitLab related to this?

… I guess I was thinking just putting it on openhardware.science directly… then I was like well if we want to engage a broader community maybe we should use more broadly used platforms.

Or… (So be forwarned that I may be way way off on this, but)… look at this:

So Airbnb has ‘experiences’ now, which is like a vacation but much more specific. So they can be focused on outdoor activities / trips, social entrepreneurship, city walks or tours, or following someone around their job.

Obviously what we’re doing would be an abnormal use of their platform… but using that platform does a few things,

  1. it’s just a nice and easy way to organize our stuff on the web, place to put pictures, info, contacts, etc. Otherwise we have to build it.
  2. it gets us in front of other groups outside of existing GOSH members, who may engage us or join the movement (I think that’s important)
  3. it creates a structure for whatever amount of payment you may need for housing, food, etc. which each group can set appropriately.

Obviously in our case, the person doing the residency would need to apply, which is different than Airbnb where anyone can do it, but maybe there’s an easy way to deal with that (adding that approval step).

Crazy thought but there it is!

We will try to keep you updated!
For this residency, we’ve created a git instancy on a website to register all the projects development, we intend that all the projects be register during the development (not after!)
(all the documentation is in portuguese/spanish).
This first week was very nice. We did a 2 day activity to integrate the participants and to share the experience of working in group, collaborative, to exercise the creativity and the practice of registering the project. This activity is a resume of what we expect the residence to be. Separated in small groups, the participants created an visionary scientific equipament (i was inspired by the desconferences of gohs17), and registered them on the repository. (More details, photos and the links for the projects here )

The next 2 days we used to present and select the projects that would be developed during the following weeks. To select the project, to decide in group, to register, to argument, all this are part of collaborative work, so it was nice to share this decisions with the participants, it was part of the learning experience of working in group.
After that, the projects started to be developed. As I said, they will be registered, but not all of them have started.
That’s it for the first week!


If we like instagram, we have been posting lots of photos there.
Follow us on @tecslivreslatinas

we also have a twitter account: @teclivreslatin1
I forgot to mention that Pezzi gave us a brief talk with guidelines about project management!

Me again!
We will encourage the participants to present themselves here, so we all know each other!
I sitll don’t know the best way of doing it, if here, or in a special topic.
We could have a special topic for new members, or something similar. does it make sense?

I did an “introduce yourself” topic:

So cool!

It would be nice if the group also considers to use open fedverse platforms, such as mastodon and pixelverse (a brand-new instagram alternative) for people and groups out of proprietary social media.

And using https://moa.party/ we can connect twitter/mastodon accounts for cross-posting :slight_smile:


Great! I have never heard of it. I’ll try it!

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I want to share with you that this Friday, at 14h, we will make an exhibition of the projects developed at the residence reGOSh 2019! If you are in Porto Alegre, or know someone who is, it will be on Friday, the 9th, at 14h in the Latin American Committee. More details at the event!