February GOSH Community Call: Presentations from JOGL and Public Invention!

Hi everyone!

The next GOSH community call will take place on 24 February from 19:00 – 20:00 UTC. Join us for presentations from Just One Giant Lab (JOGL) and Public Invention along with community updates.

Register for the call here. Read more about GOSH community calls here.

More Information on the presentations:

Freespireco (presented by Public Invention): The COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated a clear and present need for a complete, free-libre open-source, easily repairable, widely usable, safe and effective respiratory support medical device ecosystem. Public Invention asks that you support our project to create such a system, to be called The Freespireco Project. Much of this project is medical technology, but it requires capabilities such as oxygen analyzing, flow sensing, pressure sensors, etc. We have already built an open-source tool, the VentMon, which is a wifi-enabled system for doing much of this sensing. However, we have other projects underway, including a general-purpose alarm module that may be of interest to GOSH. Find out more about Public Invention by checking out their youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJQg_dkDY3KTP1ybugYwReg

JOGL: JOGL is an international community, a non-profit, open-source, collaborative platform, and a bastion to open-science and impact innovation. This presentation is an opportunity for the GOSH community to learn more about the JOGL platform and provide feedback on a test space for GOSH.

The calls are also available on the GOSH community calendar. I’ll share an agenda for the meeting next week!



Hi again! Following up on this because I realized the first registration link I shared on this thread redirects to the January community call, not the February one!

I have edited the original post to include the correct link, and am sharing the updated registration link here as well.


Hi everybody!

A reminder that the February GOSH Community Call is next week! Join us on 24 February at 19:00 UTC for some presentations from community members, followed by community updates! Here is an agenda for the call:


  • Welcome & Participation Guidelines

  • Presentations

    • Freespireco (presented by Public Invention)
    • Just One Giant Lab (JOGL)
  • Community Updates

    • Community members are invited to provide any updates they have to the community
  • Adjourn

You can join the call by registering in advance here. There is also a notes document for the calls.

Find out more about the GOSH community calls here, and the calls are also available on the GOSH community calendar.:slight_smile:

See you soon!



The next GOSH Community Call is happening soon (24 February at 19:00 UTC)! If you haven’t yet registered for the call, you can do so here! Look forward to seeing some of you there :slight_smile:

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Is it not now?

@julianstirling sorry for the issues with the registration link! Glad we got it sorted and you were able to join us, though :slight_smile:

For those who were not able to make today’s community call, check out the notes here! The presentations have also been recorded and you can watch them on the GOSH Youtube channel. Sharing the links below!

  1. Freespireco presentation by Public Invention
  2. Just One Giant Lab (JOGL) presentation

Thanks again to those who were able to come, and a special thank you to our presenters! I look forward to sharing more information on next month’s call soon :slight_smile:


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