Electrical engineering help for your project

Hello. I’m an electrical engineer, and I really enjoy open-source projects.
Recently I helped @md_anderson with significant hardware update for his project

I can offer you free electronics engineer consulting if you have an open source project and need help.
You can reach out to me directly by mail:


Hi @Dennis_Yaskevich so glad to hear from you, and excited to learn of your work!

FYI, my interest is in hacking motion-sensing camera traps to better monitor wildlife for conservation. Specifically, we’ve been having an interesting discussion in this thread. Huge thanks to @Harold who has developed and tested a great idea of linking cameras together to achieve stereoscopic vision. Let me know if you’re interested in this topic, and we can talk more!

Hi Denis,

thank you for your offer.
I am currently working on a gel electrophoresis tool, mostly (re)designing boxes/physical casts, and working from previous research and works (DIY Transluminator by Hackteria and Hackuarium [ping @dusjagr], arduino porject, Open Gel Box 2.0 from Open WetWare Group, and Sebastian Cocioba Gel Box)

In addition to the side where I lack time to work on the design I am missing knowledge of the electrical parts.

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Hello @hpy
I looked through your thread and it seems you’re in the brainstorming/prototyping phase.
I’m only available ~4h per week currently.
I can do reviews, investigations, and/or work on some particular part of the circuit design.
I don’t think I can be part of your “product vision” definition phase with such efforts.
But if you have any specific electrical questions I can support you for sure.
You can write to me by email.

Hi @XavCC
The same as for @hpy I don’t think I can do the product-owning part for you.
But you can ask any electronics questions by email or DM in this forum.
If there is some particular schematic and PCB desing/redising that you have in mind, please, provide me with the details. We might arrange a meeting for this.

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@Dennis_Yaskevich great