Eco-Logic Queer Energy Harvesting

We have the pleasure to communicate you that from 16 to 23 of October Biotranslab from Pin and The Foundry establishes a collaboration to run the event Eco-Logic Queer Energy harvesting. The project is possible thanks to the support of GOSH, an network for develop and disseminate projects based on Open Source hardware for Science.

Eco-Logic Queer Energy harvesting

The event aims at addressing the lack of women, queer, trans and diversity in technological fields in general and hacking more specifically. But even more so, it aims at creating a community that critically assesses the hegemonic narratives around technologies, the modernity aspects of its underlining Western assumptions and its inherent capitalist inflections, among others.

The main purpose of the event is to develop kits that focus on interacting with the natural environment on the field of energy… the main objective lies on harvesting energy of the natural environment, through wind turbines. These power kits will be scalable and can be used both as pedagogical material and to set up site-specific power plants in different sites as well. There is a counter-infrastructural component to this work: one possible consequence would be to emancipate people to generate their own energy instead of relying on large and often extractive companies.


Exciting! Is there an event link with more information ?


there is no link jet, I will be documented on the forum or do you have other ways to do the documentation processes ?


how do interested people join if they are able?

Hope it’s a super fun time, and looking forward to seeing what kinds of windmills you create and the designs!

Good question ! At the moment I create a let,s say local/European hackers friends that would be I tested in telegram. Not sure that we can afford to pay external travels as there is a small grant. But if you can come by you own would be nice.

Let.s see how it evolve but for sure is open to everyone. . . We have 5300 it not too much but for the first prototyping session will work.

If everyone has useful links or recommendations of models we will be happy to see them. At the moment I.m mostly research some models that are functional, is going to be a hardwork / hardglam we like ! Would love to have our own electronic designs, so probably some inverse engineering should be perform .

We need to figure out how we do the registration for join at the space

Here you can see

Nice to see interesting on that topic :wink:



Apply here for GOSH's 2022 Regional Events Funding! (Round 1) - #18 by pin at the moment just here.

the space that will host the event and collaborate is here

Nice find, Pin.
From what I understand, small vertical turbines are good for micro-electricity-generation.

I will post some of the research topics i’m looking soon, but yes vertical are cool, but still less efficient than horizontal asis …

is there an appropriate wiki page I can post to?

Might be usefull